Summer is quickly closing in, shorts and tank tops are being dug out of the closet, and I can almost smell the sangria. 

With patio season approaching, there's nothing better than sitting down with friends and sipping on a nice cold beer or cocktail (or both!). The one thing that makes that experience even better? Opening up the menu and not being able to choose what you want because, well, you want everything. And 3 Brewers has a new menu that will leave you wanting to try it all.

If you could put summer in a menu, the new menu at 3 Brewers is it. They have summer-themed sangria and mocktails, beer cocktails, fresh salads and delectable desserts perfect for a warm summer night! 

Via 3 Brewers

Their Cote D'azur Salad, for example, has black forest ham, pulled chicken, julienned vegetables, romaine lettuce, red onions, radishes and peppers in a ranch dressing. It's topped with a hard-boiled egg and crumbled fried prosciutto, which... yes. Please. 

Feeling something a little meatier? They've also got a Tender Sliced Sirloin Steak that's cooked to perfection; and of course their Moroccan Salad - with chickpea tabbouleh, red onions, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, julienned vegetables in a shallot truffle dressing and topped with chilled lime ginger white shrimp - is fresh and AMAZING.

Via 3 Brewers

Of course, 3 Brewers has also got brand new desserts! Feast your eyes on their new Ice Cream Sliders: Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between some of the tastiest butter cookies in the world, La Mère Poulard, topped with fresh berries and drizzled with a berry coulis. OMG.

Via 3 Brewers

True, the new 3B menu is pretty awesome - but 3 Brewers has totally kept their classics on there, too. Yup, their famous flammekueche is still 100% available - and they continue to serve mouthwatering sharing plates and burgers. You'll still find everything that makes 3 Brewers the place to eat and drink on the menu, but with a few upgrades - especially in the drink department!

If you liked their sangrias, you'll be happy to know they now serve more. The Summer Night includes white wine, Olmeca tequila, pink lemonade, blueberry juice and Sprite.

Via 3Brasseurs

More of a beer person? Feast your eyes on the Triton. The 3 or 5L tower of beer is placed directly on your table. Perfect for sharing with three to five good friends!

Via 3 Brewers

And if you're looking to snack while you drink, the new menu also includes a Metre of Appetizers to share: Maxi fries, breaded zucchini sticks, popcorn chicken, pepper salsa, crostini, potato twisters, breaded dill, pickles, crudités, onion rings and pretzel bites. All that eating will probably make you thirsty, so thankfully, all their meals available to pair with a metre of beer too. All you have to do is ask your server!

Via 3 Brewers

As if all of that wasn't awesome enough, their new menu promises to be as sustainable as possible: They use pork and chicken without GMO, practice responsible slaughter and use local and seasonal products when possible (most of their cheeses and strawberries come straight out of Quebec); they even have biodegradable straws. 

Oh, and one more thing? Artisanal beer lovers, rejoice: Starting in May, 3 Brewers is going to introduce something called the Brewer's Tap. Basically that means that at every 3 Brewers location, each brewer is going to create their very own beer recipe, exclusive to each location and - as always - brewed live on site. Sounds amazing? You know it does!

Visit 3 Brewers website to discover the menu and come try the food. Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for more info!