Some people eat to live. Others live to eat. If you can class yourself as a follower of the latter, then you probably already consider yourself a major foodie. 

If you also happen to love travel, then you'll know that one of the major highlights of any trip is sampling the regional grub. After all, we may not remember who built the Taj Mahal or what the significance behind the Great Pyramids of Giza is after returning home from a holiday abroad, but you can be damn sure we'll remember what the food was like. 

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In some cases, it may even be so good that you'd consider travelling there just to eat it again. So, we've rounded up some of the world's best foods that are definitely worth the price of a plane ticket. From creamy European chocolate and organic Balinese smoothie bowls to a rich, savoury bowl of Moroccan stew and the best burger in the world, here are 30 bucket list foods worth travelling the world for:

Upgrade your sandwich with smørrebrød

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Where: Copenhagen, AmsterdamPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: Meet the best sandwich you're not eating (yet). These Danish designer sandwiches are built with dense, dark rye bread and come with any number of toppings: Blue cheese, pear, and hazelnut; Nordic smoked salmon, dill, and remoulade; roast beef; traditional pickled herring; and Danish meatballs are some of the country's most popular (and most delicious).

Go to a gelateria in Italy 

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Where: ItalyPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: Gelato has taken the world by storm over the last few years, but this creamy, silky delicacy tastes its best in its birthplace of Italy. Every town here has at least one gelateria, and you'll find at least a dozen different flavours in each one - stracciatella (milky gelato swirled with chunks of chocolate), hazelnut, pistachio, and coffee are some of the country's most popular choices.

Sample dozens of dishes with the Turkish Meze

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Where: TurkeyPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: Why have one plate for dinner when you can have 12? This Turkish appetizer is a selection of smaller dishes typically served before a meal, combining fresh cheeses, cured meats, pureed dips, grilled seafood and pickled vegetables. It's the perfect way to sample the best cuisine Turkey has to offer.

Bite into a Vietnamese banh mi

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Where: Hanoi, VietnamPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: The banh mi is Vietnam's culinary crowning glory. We can thank France, who occupied Vietnam from 1887 to 1954, for this resulting fusion of French baguette and Asian savoury ingredients. There are too many filling combinations to list them all, but most you'll find are either pork, chicken, or both.

Indulge Montreal-Style Smoked Meat 

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Where: Montreal, CanadaPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: More so than poutine or bagels, smoked meat sandwiches are the backbone of the Montreal food empire. Juicy smoked meat, melted white cheddar cheese and hot mustard are sandwiched between two pieces of toasted rye bread.

Drink Coffee in Melbourne

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Where: Melbourne, AustraliaPrice: 💸💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: Melbourne has turned coffee into an art form. This city is known for its good java, and you'll find locals and tourists alike sipping flat whites, long blacks, and macchiatos in graffitied laneways pretty much everywhere.

Get creative with Chinese bao buns

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Where: ChinaPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: Imagine eating a cloud and you have the humble bao bun, or "little eats", as they're sometimes called in China. The traditional baozi bun is filled with savoury fillings like meat and vegetables and then steamed to perfection.

Treat yourself with pastel de nata

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Where: PortugalPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: This Portuguese egg tart pastry is dusted with cinnamon and best enjoyed by the dozen. There's nothing organic about these babies, but they're certainly worth falling off the wagon for.

Give your taste buds a treat with a jalebi

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Where: IndiaPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: One of India's best sweet treats. Jalebis are made by deep-frying dough in pretzel or circular shapes until they become crusty and crunchy and then dipped in a special kind of sugary syrup. They're very, very sugary, and worth trying at least once in your life.

Try out Berlin's hearty currywurst

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Where: Berlin, GermanyPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: This hearty street food dish of sausage and curry has become an icon of popular German culture. It's typically served with french fries or bread, and it's the ultimate comfort food - Berlin-style. You won't want to miss out on a plate of this.

Get spicy with tacos al pastor

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Where: MexicoPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: The ultimate Mexican street food. The tender meat in tacos al pastor is sliced off the spit like shawarma and served with cilantro, onions, pineapple, lime juice, and hot salsa. El Vilsito is one of the most famous taqueria’s in Mexico City, and their Al Pastor is on another level.

Try out Korea's sushi with gimbap rolls

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Where: South KoreaPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: Gimbap, sometimes called Kimbap, is South Korea's beloved take on sushi. You can fill your roll with crab sticks, egg, beef, or carrot. Pick up a portion for lunch in Seoul, where gimbap is sold at stalls throughout the city.

Use Prague's Chimney Cake for a great photo opp

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Where: Czech RepublicPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: Czech Republic's Chimney Cakes, or tredelník, as they are locally called, are a must-try sweet treat and an incredible photo opp. They're served literally anywhere in Prague, though you'll want to get yours from a corner stall on the Old Town Square so that you can snap an obligatory “church through the donut” photo before you eat it.

Indulge your sweet tooth with real Belgian chocolate

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Where: BelgiumPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: Belgians take chocolate seriously - and rightly so. Their chocolate has become world-famous for its quality, so why not eat this smooth, silky treat straight from the source? You may even want to consider an entire chocolate tour of the country.

Devour a piece of South African history with bunny chow

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Where: South AfricaPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: Despite its name, no bunnies were harmed in the making of this beloved South African street food dish. This thick curry is served in a bread basket to go and originated in Durba's Indian community, and it's absolutely delicious.

Have pho for breakfast 

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Where: Hanoi, VietnamPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: Do as the locals do and have soup for breakfast in Hanoi, Vietnam. The herbs are fresh, the noodles are soft, and the broth is warm. Set your alarm for as early as possible to get the freshest batch of this cheap Vietnamese street food.

Experience what a real Belgian waffle tastes like

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Where: BelgiumPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: These delicious treats are already sold in Canada and the US, but believe us, the pack you bought from your local grocery store will taste nothing like the real thing. These waffles are super crisp on the outside, light as a feather inside, and so, so delicious.

Indulge in Guinness Stew

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Where: Dublin, IrelandPrice: 💸💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: It's made with Guinness. Need I say more? You flat out won't find a better bowl of this Irish stew anywhere else in the world than at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.

Wake up with Kaya Toast

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Where: Singapore and MalaysiaPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: Wake up with one of Singapore and Malaysia's most well-known snacks. This toast is generously slathered with creamy kaya (coconut jam) and served with soy-sauce-bathed white-peppered eggs. To eat it like a Singaporean, find your nearest kopitiam (coffee house).

Give your taste buds a treat with ube ice cream

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Where: Phillippines Price: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: Ube is purple yam that's used in the Philippines to make one of the strangest (and best) tasting ice creams. You've probably seen the craze at home, but this treat is best tasted, and drooled over, at the source.

Ravage a bowl of rich Tangine

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Where: MoroccoPrice: 💸💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: Named after the earthenware pot in which it's cooked, Tangine is a slow-cooked savoury stew, typically made with sliced meat, poultry or fish together with vegetables or fruit. It's 100% worth travelling to Morocco for.

Devour the world's best poutine

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Where: CanadaPrice: 💸💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: This one had to be on the list, didn't it? Everyone has to tuck into some late night poutine at one point in their life (or, if you're Canadian, at least a few dozen times). This blessed compilation of fries, cheese and gravy is the ultimate comfort food.

Walk around Paris with a warm French Crepe

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Where: FrancePrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: Baguettes aren't this country's only national culinary treasure. Walk down any street in Paris and you'll find hoards of vendors selling warm, sugary crepes. Just follow your nose towards the scent of creamy butter and Nutella.

Get your buffet on with Dim Sum

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Where: Hong KongPrice: 💸💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: A dinnertime tradition of small bites served in steamer baskets or on small plates. Hong Kong lives for dim sum, and you can find quality versions of this dish in both high-end restaurants and basement hole-in-the-wall joints.

Indian Thali

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Where: IndiaPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: The humble thali is one of India's most delicious and inexpensive dishes. It's cultural exploration on a plate: The perfect assortment of delicious regional dishes on a single platter.

Get healthy with poke bowls

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Where: Hawaii, USAPrice: 💸💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: Freshly caught Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi) mixed with soy sauce, sea salt, chili pepper, limu seaweed and sweet onions. Poke isn't just one of the main dishes of native Hawaiian cuisine, it's also one of the great culinary creations of this world.

Keep it simple with Italian pizza

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Where: Naples, ItalyPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: Naples is the birthplace of pizza, and true Neapolitan crust is softer, floppier, and tastier than any other slice you've ever enjoyed. There are no shortages of places to sit down and order a big pizza to yourself at, but if you find it difficult to choose just one restaurant when there's so much variety, try out L'Antica Pizzeria Da Mihele or 50kalo.

Savour a smoothie bowl in Bali

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Where: Canggu, BaliPrice: 💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: They look amazing, and they taste even better. Smoothie bowls are readily available in a variety of flavours, colours and sizes all around Canggu, Bali, and you can bet on all of the ingredients being 100% organic. Most are even served in a coconut bowl!

Feel like royalty with High Tea

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Where: London, EnglandPrice: 💸💸💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: If your idea of a good pastry is that thrown-together piece of dough from your local coffee shop, get yourself down to London town ASAP. While it's definitely pricey, it's worth doing at least once to feel like royalty.

Stuff your mouth with Fergburger

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Where: New ZealandPrice: 💸💸Why you should travel ASAP to eat it: Often called "the best burger joint in the world", Fergburger is constantly busy with customers who are happy to wait around for an hour at peak times for a good feed. This is one burger worth travelling to the other side of the world for.