I think all of us can admit that they've binge watched at least one TV series in their lifetime, probably more like 50 if we're being honest though. It's nothing to feel bad about though, we all do it! 

There's honestly nothing better than taking a night, or an entire weekend, to completely chill out and binge watch a new TV series on Netflix. Maybe you'll grab your favourite snack food from the store, grab your coziest blanket and even your S/O or BFFs and have yourself a relaxing day. 

But if you do this enough, like most of us do, you run out of good TV series to watch. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. So if you're struggling to find your next binge-worthy TV show, this list is here to help you! 

Comedy Series 😂

Drama Series 😱

Romantic Series 💕

Reality Series 🛍

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Comedy Series 😂

1. Lovesick 

I usually don't love British comedies personally, but this one was so funny and entertaining! The show was originally called 'Scrotal Recall' and follows the main character Dylan after he finds out he has an STI and has to call all his previous lovers to tell them to get tested too. It's super easy to watch and there's 2 whole season to binge watch.

2. Comedy Bang! Bang!

I've only watched a few episodes of this show but it's probably the most original comedy series on Netflix right now. It's a talkshow parody that features celebrity guests that we all know and love, comedy sketches and animations. This show will keep you entertained for 3 seasons worth of great TV!

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This show features the hilarious Andy Samberg in his roll as an NYPD detective at the 99th precinct. It takes our shared love of cop shows and makes it into a lovable and hilarious comedy with 4 whole seasons worth of binge-watching!

4. Arrested Development 

After his father is imprisoned for fraud, the level-headed son, Micheal, takes over the family's development business. The rest of his family is dysfunctional family aren't yet ready to give up their lavish lifestyles.

5. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

This show was created by the amazing Tina Fey after her amazing performances in both SNL and 30 Rock. She took a backseat in this one and instead of being the main character she stayed behind the scenes and created all the amazing jokes that are consistently hilarious in this show!

6. Friends 

I'm sure most of you reading this article have hopefully already watched all the seasons of friends (I say hopefully because it's one of my favourite shows so I'll judge you if you haven't). But if not I highly recommend it! It's one of the easiest comedy shows to watch since the episodes are only 30 minutes long and it's just super relatable to all 20-30 somethings trying to figure out their lives.

7. BoJack Horseman 

BoJack is a half-horse, half man and a washed up TV star from the 90s living in Hollywood and complaining about everything and everyone. He drinks too much and wears a lot of colourful sweaters. What more could you ask for in an animated TV comedy?

8. Jane The Virgin

Jane The Virgin is meant to be over-the-top dramatic, making light fun of the classic Spanish telenovelas that are always super dramatic. It follows the main character Jane, a virgin waiting for marriage, after she is accidentally artificially inseminated. Lots of drama ensues after that.

9. Freaks And Geeks

The classic coming-of-age show that we all loved and somehow got cancelled after giving us only one season. Luckily, they still offer this show on Netflix so we can go back and rewatch it as many times as we want!

10. The Office 

The most classic and beloved comedy series on Netflix is of course, The Office. This mockumentary made an entertaining show with the best cast of characters with their own special quirks about them. Even if you've already watched this series it's one that doesn't get old if you decide to watch it again.

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Drama Series 😱

1. Shameless 

This is one of my most favourite series on Netflix because even though it's not super relatable, it's definitely entertaining. It follows the life of Frank Gallagher, an alcoholic deadbeat dad, and his 6 children as they try to survive and make a life for themselves given their pretty crappy odds.

2. Scandal 

Kerri Washington plays the powerful and successful crisis manager who was a former White House Communications Director. It follows her character as she has an affair with the President of the United States and solves everyone else's problems around her.

3. House Of Cards

Another White House inspired TV show, House of Cards follows the Congressman and his wife as they manipulate and betray their way into power. It's a dark and disturbing show that will keep you on your toes every episode.

4. Gypsy 

This dark series about therapist Jean Holloway as she gets intimately involved in her patients' lives. It's kind of creepy but incredibly interesting to follow the confusing life of Jean through all her marital problems and secret double life.

5. The OA 

After the previously blind Prairie returns home after being kidnapped seven years ago, many believe it's a miracle. But there could be more dangerous things going on. It's a mysterious, sci-fi drama that will keep you guessing the entire time.

6. 13 Reasons Why

This show created a lot of controversy, which is expected since it dealt with teen suicide. It's a very tough topic since most people prefer to look the other way when it comes to this subject matter instead of discussing it. There were successful parts to the show but there were also unsuccessful parts that should have been addressed.

7. Stranger Things

The second season of Stranger Things just dropped and if you didn't spend all weekend binge-watching it, you have some catching up to do. If you haven't watched this series at all I recommend it because it's both interesting and has a hint of horror to it.

8. Luke Cage

This modern-day super hero movie follows the main character, Luke Cage, after a botched experiment gives him super strength and unbreakable skin. He then has to fight to keep his home safe and rebuild his life.

9. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

I'm sure we all watched the movie versions of this show first, but they actually made an amazing TV series about the Baudelaire children and their unfortunate life events.

10. Orange Is The New Black

After main character Piper Chapman is convicted of a super old crime of transporting drug money to an ex-girlfriend, she ends up behind bars for a year and a half. She then has to cope with the life-changing events that follow.

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Romantic Series 💕

1. Easy 

This show follows every kind of relationship, whether it be married couples, friends with benefits, tinder romances, cheating spouses, and much more. It explains all the ways modern day romance is complicated but exciting.

2. Love 

This show deals with the complicated love life of Gus and Mickey as they try to get their lives together and make their relationship work. It's tough to watch at some points because it's just so relatable to how love works these days.

3. Grey's Anatomy

This show literally pulls at your heartstrings, whether it's the relationship between Meredith and McDreamy, the numerous deaths of beloved characters and all the doctor drama that happens. But the best part about this show is you pick up some health care skills of your own just by watching it!

4. Gossip Girl

I'm only slightly embarrassed to admit that I've watched this show an lot.. like a lot a lot. It's just so easy to watch and it's pretty entertaining to watch the lives of these super rich upper east side teens.

5. How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is a cute and ridiculous story following a father as he recounts to his two children how he ended up meeting their mother. It's a similar show to Friends, where five friends meet up and tons of entertaining plots ensue.

6. Gilmore Girls

Ah, Gilmore Girls. The classic mother-daughter duo of Lorelai and Rory that stole our hearts for a whole 7 seasons plus a revival series! We watched them go through so many relationships, breakups and life struggles over the years and we loved every second of it.

7. The Good Wife

This show definitely has it's romantic parts, but it's more a story of a woman as she has to reenter the workplace after her husband goes to jail for taking bribes as the state's attorney.

8. Downton Abbey

This show takes place in the early 20th century in the town of Downton Abbey. It follows the lives of British aristocrats, the Crowley family and their servants.

9. The Mindy Project

This show follows the life of Mindy, played by Mindy Kaling, as a young OB/GYN doctor at a private practice. She has to balance her work life, personal life and love life over the course of the show.

10. Skins

Skins is an amazing British series that shows the extreme side of being a teen and growing up. It involves lots of drugs, sex and alcohol but it deals with harsh topics that should be dealt with more in mainstream TV.

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Reality Series 🛍

1. MeatEater

If you're a vegetarian/vegan this show will absolutely horrify you, and even if you eat meat it could still make your stomach a little bit queasy. The MeatEater is a man whole loves eating exotic meats and he goes out and hunts his own in deep wildernesses around the world.

2. Skin Wars 

This competition show follows super talented artists that try to create the craziest and most impressive body paint. The human body is their canvas and only the most creative will win.

3. Anthony Bourdain: The Layover

Anthony Bourdain actually has two different shows available on Netflix right, one of them being The Layover. He shows you the best places to check out if you're stuck on a layover with only a day or two to spare.

4. Chef's Table

If you love fast-paced cooking shows, this is a real-life version of all your favourite food dramas. It shows behind the scenes of talented chefs from around the world and takes you directly into their kitchens to show you what they're cooking up each night.

5. 50 Ways To Kill Your Lover

This show follows expert investigators that recount and try to understand some of America's most heinous murders of spouses ever committed. All of them are true and each is more terrifying than the last.