Travel is one of those things that really warms the soul. I know that sounds cheesy but it's true! Getting out there in the world and exploring new places and having new adventures is something that makes us all feel more alive.

But travel doesn't have to mean you hop on a plane and escape to the other side of the world. Travelling can be done right here in your own back yard! Canada is rich in nature and wildlife so why not explore it while we can?

On this list you'll find some adventures that you might have already heard of but a lot that you probably never thought you could experience here in Canada. There's no time like the present too so don't wait until the weather warms up or you're financially stable enough, just go and experience something new!

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The Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

The Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia is located on Cape Breton Island and is one of the most beautiful coast lines in all of Canada. It's 300 km long and can be explored by driving, biking, hiking or even by kayak on the water. You can also camp in Cape Breton Highlands National Park to save on hotel costs.

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Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

As the capital city of Prince Edward Island, you're guaranteed a fun-filled adventure here. It's extremely charming, with old brick buildings and lighthouses near the water, you probably won't want to leave.

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Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

The Peggy's Point Lighthouse is one of Nova Scotia's most famous lighthouses out of 160 of them! It offers a beautiful backdrop of the ocean perfect for pictures and admirers to enjoy. The town of Peggy's Cove itself is just as picturesque as their famous lighthouse offering coastal views and amazing fresh seafood.

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Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland

Avalon Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places in Canada all year round. In the summer you can get views of whales migrating through the waters, herds of caribou roaming the grasses and scenic views of the coast line! There's harbours, fisheries, museums and so much more to explore while you're there.

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Fogo Island, Newfoundland

Fogo Island is the largest offshore island of Newfoundland and Labrador and it has some surprisingly beautiful attractions that every Canadian must see. They have an architecturally unique inn located right on the coast which will give you a special view of the coast line.

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Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island

This spot in PEI has probably one of the most beautiful and unique beaches in all of Canada. It has miles of sand dunes, cliffs made of sandstones, wetlands and forests filled with wildlife and cute trails to hike on.

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Big Muddy Valley, Saskatchewan

If you thought the Prairies would be a boring travel location, think again. The Big Muddy Valley in Saskatchewan is home to a geographically distinct area of the badlands. In history, this valley was the place where famed thieves, robbers and criminals would escape into the night because the sweeping landscape made it so easy for them.

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Little Limestone Lake, Manitoba

This is a hidden gem in Manitoba that most Canadians don't even know about. Little Limestone Lake is actually the world's largest colour changing lake due to an element in the limestone. It changes from a shimmering turquoise in the morning to a bright Robin's egg blue in the afternoon!

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Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park, Saskatchewan

This amazing park in Saskatchewan will make you feel like you were transported to a Middle Eastern desert! It's the largest sand surface in all of Canada and is the coolest place to explore if you truly appreciate the rugged outdoors.

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Narcisse Snake Pits, Manitoba

If you're afraid of snakes, this is the one place in the world you should definitely avoid. From the spring to the fall you can view tons of snakes as they make the dens in Narcisse, Manitoba their homes. You can hold them because they're not poisonous, making a cool tourist spot.

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Lac La Ronge Provincial Park, Saskatchewan

This Provincial Park, nestled deep within the Boreal Forest, is the best spot in Saskatchewan to the view the Northern Lights. It's the perfect place to camp all year round but it's even better during the seasons that are best for Northern Lights viewing which is September to March.

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Churchill, Manitoba

If your dream in life is to see Polar Bears, the best place to do it is in Churchill, Manitoba. Polar Bears are so abundant there that you won't even have to try to see them, but there are tours that will take you out into their natural habitats to get a closer look.

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Jasper National Park, Alberta

If you're looking for a park in Alberta that's going to take your breath away, this is probably the one. You can find glaciers, snowy mountain peaks and shimmering lakes! You'll also have access the only Icefield in the world accessible by road.

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Lake Louise, Alberta

This is one of Alberta's most famous lakes, and you can clearly see why! The water is so bright and turquoise it almost doesn't even look real. There's a resort to stay in there year-round and while this lake is stunning in the summer, it also freezes over in the winter to make the most scenic hockey rink you'll ever find.

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Dinosaur Provincial Park

Walk exactly where the dinosaurs walked millions of years ago when they roamed this park in Alberta. You can hike around for the day or choose to camp for a night or two under the shimmering stars. There's also a tourist centre where you can find dinosaur bones that were dug up right in that park!

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Moraine Lake, Alberta

This is another one of Alberta's most famous lakes located in Banff National Park. It's fed directly by a glacier and the colour of the water is so blue you'll be shocked in the best way!

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Cave And Basin National Historic Site

The Cave And Basin National Historic Site is located in Banff, Alberta and is something super unique to see. There's a "basin" part that is an open air mineral spring and there is a "cave" part that you can explore below the surface!

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The Calgary Stampede

If you want to experience the true culture of Alberta, then the Calgary Stampede is what you have to attend. It's held ever July with tons of exciting events like rodeos, an exhibition with rides and fair foods, live concerts and so much more! Just don't forget your cowboy boots and hats.

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Sea-To-Sky Country, British Columbia

Choosing to drive from Vancouver to Sea-To-Sky Country will give you some of the best scenic views as you zip past Squamish and Whistler with towering mountains. Once you're there there's an abundance of exciting outdoor activities to take part in like the Sea-To-Sky Gondola above.

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Tofino, British Columbia

Travel only a few hours from Vancouver and you'll find this chill surf island called Tofino. It's notorious for having some of the best surfing in all of Canada and you can enjoy it year-round!

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Mount Assinboine, British Columbia

Take a trip to Mount Assinboine Provincial Park and you'll find some of the most magnificent mountain views on the West Coast. There's glaciers, snowy mountain peaks, shimmering lakes and hiking trails through the lush forests for an amazing adventure.

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Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Welcome to British Columbia's thriving wine country! If wine is your favourite thing in the world (and really, who's isn't it) then this trip is going to be worth your while. Okanagan Valley is full of award-winning vineyards perfect for days of wine tasting.

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The Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia

The Great Bear Rainforest is home to a unique species of bears called the "Kermode" or the "Spirit Bear" which is all white. Not only that but it is the perfect spot to see other amazing wildlife like humpback whales, grizzly bears and bald eagles!

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Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia

Whistler is probably the best skiing/snowboarding location in all of Canada. The winter offers the best conditions which is why so many famous skiing/snowboarding athletes and enthusiasts flock there every year.

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The Hobbit Village, Quebec

Believe it or not, Quebec has it's own little hobbit village that you can actually stay in! Entre Cimes et Racines is the name of this camping adventure where you can explore your surroundings by hiking and other fun outdoor activities.

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Percé Rock, Quebec

This is one of the best road trips you can take in Quebec and leads you directly to this stunning rock formation in the water. It offers stunning views from an unsuspecting, yet adorable Quebec town.

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Grand Jardins National Park, Quebec

This national park is located in the Charlevoix region of Quebec and is one of the best parks you can visit in this province. The views are breathtaking, there's tons of outdoor activities to experience and it's a great location for camping year-round!

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Tadoussac, Quebec

If whale watching has always been your dream, Tadoussac is the best place in Quebec to fulfill those dreams. From about May to October, tons of different kinds of whales migrate through this area making it the perfect spot to sit and spot whales! You can choose to camp for the weekend or just come up for a day tour on the water.

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Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Riviere-Malbaie National Park

Another stunning national park in Quebec is this one right here. The hike to the top offers these breathtaking views from above looking down on the flowing river below. It's an amazing place to visit during the changing of the season for leaf peeping!

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Great Canadian Bungee, Quebec

Located in Wakefield, this tiny lake holds the Great Canadian Bungee for all you adrenaline seekers out there. It's officially Canada's highest bungee which is perfect if you're looking to get a thrill out of your next trip!

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Muskoka, Ontario

Muskoka is Ontario's infamous cottage country that's perfect for a city escape. You can rent out a cottage with your friends during the summer and enjoy swimming, boating and sun bathing or choose to go in the winter months and skate on the frozen lakes!

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Grand Bend, Ontario

Grand Bend is a beach town in Ontario only a few hours from Toronto. It offers the perfect summer escape without having to leave Ontario at all. There's beach volleyball tournaments there in the summer and the beaches are pristine!

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Collingwood, Ontario

Blue Mountain in Collingwood is basically Ontario's version of Whistler in British Columbia. The hills aren't as big and the village isn't as exciting, but it's definitely the next best thing. Enjoy good skiing and tons of options for restaurants and bars for an apres ski!

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Prince Edward County, Ontario

Prince Edward County is located in Southern Ontario and has so much to offer visitors. There's vineyards, craft breweries, sandy beaches with limestone cliffs and bright turquoise waters that will make you feel like you're in the Caribbean.

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Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario

Another location in Ontario that will make you feel like you were transported straight to the Caribbean at Bruce Peninsula! The waters are bright turquoise and the cliff formations are so unique it gives a great place for nature viewing and photography lovers.

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Cheltenham Badlands

Believe it or not Ontario has it's own area of badlands that will make you feel like you're over in the Prairies. They have been closed to explorers but allow people to view them from a specific viewing area at the top of a slope. Apparently they will be reopening the badlands in the spring!

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