Ratchetry is a constantly evolving art form. It requires a good grasp of trends, strong attention to detail and an unwavering confidence to pull off. Popular opinion may suggest that being ratchet is something to be embarrassed about; but really, it's something that should be embraced and celebrated. 

Because at its core, being ratchet is a demonstration of a person's sheer self-awareness. It shows that they're unapologetically secure with who they are and what they like. So even if you had a ratchet past, it's nothing to be ashamed of - all of those experiences contributed to your growth as a person, and they'll forever remain a part of who you are.

Besides, things that are considered ratchet today were way cool in the 2000s.

That being said, here are 45 signs you may have been ratchet in the 2000s that will bring back warm and fuzzy feelings of the simpler days:

Note: This is all just for fun. Take seriously at your own risk!




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Signs You May Have Been Ratchet In The 2000s (Girls)

You rocked a Baby Phat jacket and Timbs in the winter.

You were obsessed with buying fake Chanel studs from those jewellery stalls at the mall.

You were a faithful viewer of Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson's show, Newlyweds.

You owned Juicy Couture sweatpants (or the entire track suit)

You had a pair of frequently worn Apple Bottom jeans in your closet.

You bedazzled your pink Motorola Razr with fake jewels.

You went through a short-lived Avril Lavigne phase.

You bought a fake Takashi Murakami bag and tried to pass it off as authentic Louis Vuitton.

You wrote cryptic posts on LiveJournal to get attention from somebody.

Your email address was something along the lines of blu-3yed-g0dde55@hotmail.com.

You took way too many webcam selfies.

You would proudly Crank Dat Soulja Boy every time the song came on.

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Signs You May Have Been Ratchet In The 2000s (Guys)

You wore pants that were at least four sizes too big.

You rocked Dickies pants - which are work wear pants - as actual fashion.

Your favourite brands included names like Rocawear, Ecko, Sean John and Avirex.

You genuinely believed that "ball is life" at some point.

You went through a significant G-Unit phase.

You incorporated an oversized white tee into your daily outfit.

You wore a basketball headband even if you weren't playing basketball.

You thought MTV's Pimp My Ride was the coolest show on television.

You had a Livestrong bracelet around your wrist at all times.

You were obsessed with R. Kelly's Trapped In The Closet series for some time.

You wore gym shorts under your pants in case someone was gonna run ball.

You made it your mission to know all the words from Eminem's Lose Yourself when it first came out.

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Signs You May Have Been Ratchet In The 2000s (Everyone)

You owned a pair of Phat Farm sneakers.

You got hype every time "Low" by Flo Rida came on at a party.

You used a Jansport backpack for school.

You used Kazaa and Limewire to illegally download music.

You participated in pubescent grinding, bubbling and daggering at a basement house party.

You collected string bags and used them for carrying your stuff in when you went out.

You were an MSN hoe and your screen name used way too many obnoxious symbols.

You wore thick laces threaded into a checkerboard pattern.

You ran a Geocities page with the ugliest graphics ever.

You mallratted with your friends every day after school without fail.

You attempted to learn the C-Walk (and may have even filmed yourself doing it in front of your garage).

You spoke highly of Coach Carter and Drumline.