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4 Totally Unromantic Romantic Things That Will Help Your Relationship

According to science.
4 Totally Unromantic Romantic Things That Will Help Your Relationship

So it seems totally contradictory to do 'un-romantic' things to benefit your relationships, but sometimes love and romance isn't all it takes to make things work. 

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So this one seems especially strange. 'We're a couple and we love each other! Shouldn't that mean we should spend every waking moment together?!?!'. No, and here's why: studies show that one of the most detrimental things you can do in your relationship is participate in EVERYTHING together, especially if it's a hobby that one person enjoys while the other is impartial to.

2. Lie to yourself

And by that, we mean look at your partner through rose-coloured glasses. It turns out that having way too high of expectations about your significant other -- thinking they are hotter/smarter/more capable than they actually are -- is good for a relationship. Being able to literally delude yourself into seeing your boyfriend or girlfriend as the absolute perfect mate (even when they aren't) could be the secret to lifelong happiness.

3. Sleep apart

Now this may seem like a sign of an unhappy relationship (being sent to sleep on the couch usually means something isn't going well in paradise) however sleeping separately can actually be a huge benefit to you and your s/o. Your quality of life depends a lot on how you're sleeping at night, and on average your partner will wake you up 6 times a night. And yes, this can lead to a break up according to marriage councilors due to in-turn irritability. Sleeping seperate has become so popular, that the National Association of Home Builders predicted that by 2015, 60 percent of custom built houses will have two master bedrooms.

4. Schedule Sex  

There's definitely nothing romantic about setting time aside for sex, as if it were a chore or task one simply needed to complete, but time and time again it has proved to help keep relationships happy. Relationship experts recommend scheduling sex dates and sticking to them. We've been socialized to think that sex is always spontaneous, but waiting for that could mean waiting a long time, especially with everyone's busy schedules.

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