As much as I dislike dating apps and resist using them as much as possible, it's time to accept that they're officially in our lives for good. Nobody really likes the idea of meeting their S/O this way, but these days, it's just the quickest and easiest way to chat with new people. 

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Though I'll never completely stop hoping to meet a cute guy in a cafe while I'm thoughtfully reading some super smart-sounding book, and he just can't help but walk over and offer to buy me a coffee. Yes, I'm well aware that fantasy sounds silly, but a girl can dream, right?

Though meeting a guy on Bumble isn't the ideal situation, it's still fun to have the upper hand by messaging him first and trying out all your fun pickup lines. Thing is, it can be a little stressful to come up with clever, flirty ones that'll do the trick.  

If you're lacking inspiration or you're just starting out on Bumble and need some ideas, check out these pickup lines that girls actually used — successfully! 

Funny Pickup Lines 😂

1. "Can I have your Netflix password?" 

Chances are, he won't give his Netflix password to a stranger right off the bat... but what if he does? That'd be pretty cool. Either way, it's a super easy ice breaker with a dash of humour!

2. "Does this mean we're married now?" 

Hopefully, he'll know that you're joking, reply "yes," and you can start planning your fake wedding! You'll both know it's pretend, but from then on, he'll instantly associate you with weddings. So, it's like a psychological thing, right?

3. "Let's get ready to Bumble!" 

This one's pretty simple and you can use it on multiple guys since it's so nonspecific. It's also fun to throw some puns in there once in a while because no one can help laughing at a pun, even if they don't want to!

4. "How much does a Polar Bear weigh? Enough to break the ice!"

Yeah, so although this one's extra cheesy and slightly predictable, you've gotta admit that it's kinda funny. Right? Sort of?

5. "Full disclosure: I'd say I swiped right 70% because I thought you were hot and 30% because your dog is adorable." 

This one's a little specific because of the dog part, but probably half the guys on Bumble will have dog pics because they clearly know how much girls love them. This line is simple, honest, and what guy wouldn't love hearing that you thought he was hot?

6. "Sunday priorities: Netflix, exercise, or bottomless mimosas?" 

This one isn't insanely creative, but at least it gets the conversation rolling, plus they have a question to ask you back as well! Basically, it's a win-win situation.

7. "Let's share how many times we've been arrested. You first!" 

Hopefully, his answer is actually zero, but who knows what you might get back out of this one? Not to mention, if you've been arrested for something, it could be a funny (and eye-opening) conversation starter.

8. "This is my opening line: ----------"

Super simple, but also kind of creative! I bet most guys haven't heard this one yet and it requires no effort at all. You'll probably get some unique responses, too.

9. "If you were a triangle, you'd be acute one!"

You can't go wrong with giving someone a nice compliment as well. Add some cute emojis and you're good to go!

10. "If you had to listen to one song on repeat forever, what would it be?" 

This is an easy question to ask that probably requires a bit of thought, and you get to know a little bit about their music taste as well!

Cute Pickup Lines 😉

1. "Hey handsome! 😉"

Simple, sweet, does the trick. The rest is up to you. Honestly, who doesn't love receiving a compliment right off the go?

2. "You look like trouble." 

A little flirty yet slightly mysterious, this one will definitely pique his interest. He'll have to respond to figure out why he looks like trouble to you, right? Formulating the perfect response is key.

3. "I have no idea if we would get along, but I had to send you a message because you also like ____ 😉"

It's always good to add a wink or smirk face in your message because they're primo flirtation tools. This line establishes a common interest right away, giving you something fun to discuss.

4. "Important question: pizza or tacos?" 

Not gonna lie, it's crucial to know these facts. You've got to know what you're getting yourself into beforehand so that his food preferences match yours, right? Still, you can't go wrong with either, and sharing is caring.

5. "What's one destination you haven't been to yet that you have to visit before you die?"

This is an especially good one for people that love travelling the globe. If you've been to said destination, it can start a good convo or it could lead to discussing places you'd both love to see someday.

6. Literally give them any compliment. Try: "Hey ____, you might have the whitest teeth I've ever seen! Tell your dentist he's doing a stellar job." 

Be silly with it or create one customized to that particular guy. Compare him to an actor or casually mention his muscles — that always works.

7. "You owe me a trip to an art gallery, and I have come to collect."

This one is cute and simple, plus maybe he'll actually end up taking you there! This would be a totally adorable date, with the potential for him to teach you what he knows about art. Ain't nothing sexier than a man who can teach you a thing or two!

8. "Better discovery: Netflix or avocados?" 

Everyone loves Netflix and avocados, so I bet it'd be pretty tough to pick one or the other. This is just a simple way to break the ice and get talking!

9. "Describe yourself in 3 emojis." 

This one's pretty entertaining because emojis are always fun. Depending on what he sends, you can ask some interesting questions and get to know a bit about how he views himself right off the bat!

10. "Choose a dream job: puppy photographer or pizza critic?" 

Personally, puppies trump ALL, but as these two are all-around favs, most people would have trouble answering. It can make for a pretty interesting debate.

Simple Pickup Lines 👋

1. "Hey!" 

This might come as a surprise, but apparently, Bumble users shoot this out 50% of the time. While some guys kind of hate its lack of originality, at least you reached out and showed interest. Even though they're not huge fans of this one, guys have admitted that they'll respond 9/10 times.

2. "Truth or dare?" 

Yup, simple as that! It might not be super creative, but it's still fun. You'll have to come up with two good choices, just in case he replies! The convo could potentially get quite juicy.

3. "How's your week going?" 

Another easy one to use. It's obviously nothing special, but hey, at least you reached out and it does start a decent convo right off the go.

4. "Drinks this week?"

This one definitely gets straight to the point, no messing around. Science has shown that men are 98% more likely to respond positively to assertive lines. So make sure that you actually want to grab drinks with this guy before inviting him out because he'll probably accept.

5. 👋

Emojis honestly work wonders, and this way you don't even have to type out anything at all. It's not original, but it's a slight improvement on "hey" because an emoji is way more fun!

6. Any food emoji.

Keeping on that same track, sending a food emoji isn't only appetizing, it's fun! Pizza, pineapple, pita — whatever you send will give that person a clue as to what your grub preferences are and vice versa.

7. "Two truths and a lie. Go!"

A more intriguing twist on the classic "truth or dare." You'll learn two facts about him, plus see where his mind goes when he's making things up.

8. "Katy Perry or Taylor Swift?" 

Asking simple questions like this is super easy to do, plus you never know what kind of convo it might start. Use whoever you want — celebrity rivalry or not!

9. "Please confirm you're not one of those people who claps when the plane lands." 

Those people are so cringe-worthy, it's insane. Who in the actual heck does this? Anyways, you definitely want to know if he's one of them ASAP.

10. Send an animal GIF!

All non-verbal options are fun, easy go-to's. With the Internet's sea of hilarious GIFs, it shouldn't be too difficult for him to counter your dancing giraffe and give you a good laugh back.

Sexy Pickup Lines 😏

1. "Your body is about 70% water and I'm thirsty." 

Admitting you're thirsty up front ain't always a bad thing! If you're looking for something casual and exciting, these types of lines are definitely the way to go.

2. "Nice pants. Can I test the zipper?" 

This one's pretty straight up, but I'm sure most guys wouldn't complain about receiving a risky message like this.

3. "Do you have any hobbies other than being super hot?" 

This is a fun way of giving him a compliment. Guys love being told they're hot just as much as girls do, so why not come right out and say it?

4. "Nice shirt. Is it made of boyfriend material?" 

This will only work if your match is wearing a shirt, which he most likely is. Obviously, you're not actually pressuring him into being your boyfriend from the first message, but it's a cheeky way to start a convo.

5. "Are you the Internet? Because I feel a connection."

Kinda nerdy, but it could still get a good laugh. It's worth a shot, right?

6. "Roses are red, violets are blue, I can’t rhyme but can I make out with you?"

You can't go wrong with a poem. This one has its own sexy twist that isn't completely over the top. so you might get a good response.

7. "Have you ever read Dr. Seuss? Because green eggs and DAMN!" 

This is just a funnier way of saying that he's hot. Why not switch up the compliments once in a while and throw something quirky out there?

8. "Hey, do you work out?" 

A compliment and conversation starter all rolled into one! Guys definitely like to be complimented on their physique, so this could be a success.

9. "If I told you I worked for UPS, would you let me handle your package?"

If you're daring enough to use a line like this, I seriously applaud you. It's funny, bold, and guaranteed to get a good response.

10. "I was feeling a little off today, but you managed to turn me on." 

Another super forward line that'll ensure a positive response. Sometimes it's thrilling to test stuff like this out once in a while. After all, you're only typing over the Internet - it ain't real life!