Everyone loves Halloween, there's just no denying it. Sure, making plans and organizing your friend group to actually choose a place to go out to can be difficult sometimes but there's so many other things that make up for it! 

Once you get to the party you can admire everyone's creative costumes, you can dance all night and act like a weirdo because it's Halloween and that sort of thing is totally acceptable, and not to mention all the cheap candy on sale the next day, am I right??

But as much as getting dressed up as someone else and going out is fun, the part where you have to figure out what you want to be and then actually make it happen can be kind of stressful. 

If you're like me you'll most likely be leaving this part until the very last minute and then attempting to throw something together from your own closet. Not the easiest feat but with these DIY costumes you can make something amazing with little to no planning involved! 

Scary DIY Costumes 👿

Sexy DIY Costumes 💃

Couples DIY Costumes 💑

Funny DIY Costumes 👻

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Scary DIY Costumes 👿

- The Shining Twins

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- Vampire

via @ellecanada

- Skeleton 

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- Mummy 

via @dell_nisarut

- Killer Nurse

via @sfkjr76

- Creepy Doll

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Sexy DIY Costumes 💃

- Snapchat Filter

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- Loofah

via @hellomandyb

- The Purge

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- Gumball Machine 

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- Deer 

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- Pinata 

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- Robbers

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- Harley Quinn

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- Where's Waldo

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Couples DIY Costumes 💑

- Pebbles And Bam Bam

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- Soap And Loofah

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- Dora And Diego

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- Bunches Of Grapes

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- Dalmation And Firefighter

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- Tooth And Tooth Fairy

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- Beer Pong 

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- Jim And Pam

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- Starbucks

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- Cast Away

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Funny DIY Costumes 👻

- Error 404 

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- Brawny Man

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- Ceiling Fan

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- Walk Of Shame

via @julesmorg13

- Walter White

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- Nudist On Strike

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- Regina George

via @morganxo_

- Arthur

via @vinto77

- Dancing Girls Emoji 

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- Tourists

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