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A Toilet Paper Explosion Clogged The 401 After 2 Transport Trucks Collided (PHOTOS)

Things got a little messy on the 401 yesterday.
Toronto Staff Writer
401 Accident Resulted In A Toilet Paper Disaster (PHOTOS)

While bad weather, accidents, and construction are often the main causes of delays on the 401, a toilet paper explosion became an issue for drivers on Tuesday evening. One of Canada’s busiest highways became clogged with toilet paper following a collision between two transport trucks. Needless to say, the 401 accident took a while to wipe up.

Sadly, this wasn't just a T.P. prank gone wrong. According to the Ontario Provincial Police, the two vehicles collided on Highway 401 near the Thousand Islands U.S.A. Bridge on Tuesday afternoon.

One of the trucks happened to be transporting rolls of toilet paper, which exploded onto the road following the crash.

Thankfully, no one was injured as a result. However, it did take crews several hours to clean up the bizarre mess.

Delays were expected throughout the evening as crews worked towards clearing the road that was covered in rolls of toilet tissue. 

Of course, once Twitter got ahold of it, the jokes kept rolling in about the mess the accident left behind. 

"They'll just have to roll with it," wrote one funny user, pointing to the rolls that were littered across the highway. 

"Should be wiped up quickly," wrote another user.

However, that's not the only bizarre accident that has happened on the 401 this week. 

A Toronto video caused waves online earlier this week after it showed a truck pushing a car across several lanes on the highway.

In the clip, the vehicle can be seen being moved over into the hard shoulder guardrail.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident. Police were quick to track down the drivers of the vehicles after the video popped up online. 

Another incident involved a pedestrian causing a collision after walking out onto a busy highway.

Dashcam footage showed a driver’s vehicle approaching the scene when a man suddenly pops into view, forcing the driver to slam on the brakes and be rear-ended.

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