45 Next-Level Halloween Makeup Looks That Will Impress

From Wonder Woman to Oompa Loopas.
45 Next-Level Halloween Makeup Looks That Will Impress

Halloween is fast approaching and coming full speed ahead. Your last year's costume was fuego, but you've already done Harley Quinn, Tinkerbell, a unicorn, and a ketchup bottle. How can you change it up? You know it's a sin to repeat the same outfit, so we've collected a plethora of makeup looks to inspire you for this year's costume.

If you're a makeup geek and already have a whole bunch of makeup, don't waste your money on expensive AF costumes at the Halloween stores (you've spent enough money on expensive AF makeup). But seriously, $80 for a sexy Dracula costume? No, thanks. Use your makeup skills instead to create the perfect Halloween look that's completely you're own.

The best part about doing your own makeup is that you can be totally unique - no need to worry about clashing costumes with your best friend. And hey, even if you're not a makeup pro, you can do a "messy" Halloween face and it'll still look dope. I mean, what's not creepy and Halloween-y about a few blood splats on your face.

Whether you're into cutesy animal makeup or fvcking scary as hell Halloween makeup gore, we've got a look for you. Time to bust out that Ben Nye 12-Colour Palette because we're about to get face painting. What're you looking for?


Scary AF



Note: The "Scary AF" Halloween makeup section genuinely is SCARY AF. If you're squeamish and don't like bloody or creepy faces, I would defs recommend skipping over that section.

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Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

Betty Boop

Snapchat Butterfly Filter

Butterfly Eyes

Metallic Hearts

Oompa Loompa

Cute Clown

Bit Barbie

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Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin Queen

Melting Skull

The Countess from American Horror Story

Creepy Nun from The Conjuring 2

Too many eyes

Evil Clown

Red Devil

The Exorcist

Nebula from Guardians Of The Galaxy

Melting Alien Nurse

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Ice Queen

Marie Antoinette

Wonder Woman

House Targaryen from Game Of Thrones

Melting Pop Art

Ouija Board

Colourful Pastel Pop-Art

Emily from The Corpse's Bride

Queen Of Hearts

The Life & Death Of Frida Kahlo

Star Child

Glitter Zipper Face

Mother Nature


Wednesday Adams

Cyber Punk Girl

Poinson Ivy

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Rainbow Snapchat Filter

Snapchat Hot Dog

The Terminator

Snake Eyes