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48 Tiny Struggles That Make Long Distance Relationships Unbearable

33. Missing your Skype date. 💻
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48 Tiny Struggles That Make Long Distance Relationships Unbearable

You can be madly in love with someone, but one of the most trying ways to test your relationship is to do long distance. We've all been there at one point, maybe it was back in uni, when your boyfriend stayed back home and you moved away for college. Or maybe it's more recent and your partner had to take a job in a different part of the country. It could even be that your S.O. had to move across town so you guys don't live close by anymore. Either way, we all know that feeling of feeling too far away from our bae.

No one really expects long distance to be as hard as it actually turns out to be. I, for one, am sadly an expert when it comes to being in a long term relationship and being in a long term long distance relationship. I always knew that people complained about LDRs but I had no idea how unbearable the entire situation would be until I was in one.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that your relationship isn't worth it or that you should just give up. If you have the right mindset, you can definitely make an LDR work. There are a million and one ways to show that person that you love them even when your miles away. But for the sake of this article, we can all laugh/cry at our mutual pain in this undesirable situation. 

This article is just a shout out to all the S.O.'s out there who know the tiny struggles that make long distance relationships unbearable.

1. Forgetting to call and say "Goodnight."

2. Needing to Snapchat everything so they feel included in your day.

3. Living in different time zones.

4. Overplanning every second of when they come to visit.

5. Trying not to cringe at family events when a relative asks where your S.O. is.

6. Planning trips to see each other months in advance. 📆

7. Avoiding parties or events because you don't want to go alone. 🙅

8. Painstakingly waiting for them so you can catch up on your fav tv shows together. 

9. Missing their phone call. ☎️

10. Counting down the days until they come back to visit.

11. Your relationship is built on Facebook messenger and funny gifs.

12. Literally not having a shoulder to cry on.

13. When you're both trying to call each other and it ends up being a lengthy game of phone tag.

14. Making new friends that have never met your BF/GF so you end up describing them in great detail.

15. Falling asleep on the phone every night and low-key wondering if you're gonna get brain cancer.

16. Not being able to share good news in person.

17. Having to share bad news over the phone...

18. When you finally visit each other and it's not enough time.

19. Avoiding arguments when they visit because you don't want to ruin the only time you have together.

20. Sleeping alone. 😒

21. Having hundreds of random photos on your camera roll because that's the only way your S.O. can help you pick outfits, choose furniture and it's the only way to show them how funny your cat is.

22. Having separate friend groups.

23. Having to ask "what?" a million times when his cell service is bad so you just give up.

24. Not being able to celebrate anniversaries.

25. Missing birthdays.

26. When you're apart during the holidays. 🎄 

27. Wishing you had more time with them when they visit.

28. Breaking the bank when they come to visit because you just want to spoil the crap out of them. 💰💰

29. Not having "date night" for weeks or months.

30. Lack of cuddles.

31. Trying to sync up your movies to the same exact second so you can watch together over the phone. 👩‍💻 👨‍💻 

32. Not being able to get ahold of them when you get urgent news. Like that awesome sale on toilet paper at the supermarket. That kind of thing.

33. Missing your Skype date. 💻

34. Growing way too attached to your phone because it's basically your boyfriend now.

35. Hanging out with your friends and their S.O.'s just reminds you how much you miss yours.

36. Wishing they could give you a back massage, but they cant! 😭

37. When you're trying to Facetime but the wifi is super shotty.

38. Forgetting to check in. 📞

39. Wanting to give up (momentarily). 💔

40. Having the best meal of your life and wanting to share it so bad with bae.

41. Going to parties or events alone.

42. Having a hectic morning and forgetting to send them a "Good morning" text.

43. You get FOMO when they're out doing awesome things and you can't be there with them.

44. Putting cash aside for plane tickets or gas money to see your boo.

45. Searching through all of Pinterest trying to find new ways to show your S.O. that you love and miss them.

46. Waiting for a reply for hours because you're in different time zones.

47. Saying goodbye after a long visit.

48. Missing your best friend. 💕

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