5 Calgarians Who Make A Real Difference In Canada

Amazing people who do some pretty amazing things.

Calgary is full of some pretty amazing people who do some pretty amazing things. We are a city that strives to improve. Proud believers in equality, diversity, and inclusiveness, we are a collection of individuals who go the extra mile to help those around us.

What’s most inspiring about Calgarians is the unbelievable number of hardworking people who strive to make Canada a better place, from fighting for a great cause to giving women a voice in the tech world, here are a few of our citizens who are making a difference.

Kate Allen, Kelly Morrison, Kristen Lien // FRANK Architecture

This badass trio partnered up and created www.frankarchitecture.ca, one of Calgary's leading architect firms! Each one brings a wealth of knowledge to the table - Kate has years of experience working nationally and internationally, Kelly brings a touch of contemporary art into all her projects, and Kristen has incredible attention to aesthetics.

And if that's not enough to impress you, let's talk business. FRANK has been involved in 92 projects around Calgary and Alberta with 25 ongoing projects at any given time. Frank is primarily involved in hospitality and has aided in the redefinition of the Calgary social scene. They have designed many iconic Calgary hotspots such as Clive Burger, National Bar, YYC Cycle and Alferno. These three have made a name for themselves and it doesn't look like they're slowing down anytime soon!