Cancun is impressive, but a vacation to that popular beach is little over done by now, don't you think? Texans have to go big or they'll go home (because you know, everything is bigger here). So here are five new stunning travel destinations that will have you stunting on all the Cancun-goers and will only cost you $300 or less.

All prices reflect the cheapest roundtrip ticket within two months out.

Quebec City, Quebec

Ticket price: $278 from Dallas

Why you should go: It's one of the top-rated vacation spots for a reason. Full of stunning architecture and history, this city will make you feel like you're time travelling. And it's the perfect place to practice your French!

Orlando, Florida

Ticket Price: $120 from Houston

Why you should go: It's no surpise this is one of the hottest spots in the U.S. for tourists to visit - this place is all white sand beaches and Mickey Mouse galore. The magic of Disney World awaits you, but so do so many other fun spots that you can check out here.

Flagstaff, Arizona

Ticket Price: $300 from Austin

Why you should go: It's one of the most serene and take-your-breath-away places in Arizona—and, boy, are there a lot of beautiful sights in Arizona. It might be the altitude, but I doubt it. There is no shortage of gorgeous hiking spots in Flagstaff, and it's just a short drive away from the Grand Canyon and the quirky town of Sadona.

San Diego, California

Ticket Price: $189 from Houston

Why you should go: There's nowhere else to get a perfect beach tan quite like San Diego. Whether it's snorkeling with the fishies, surfing with the pros, parasailing over the blue waves, or visiting the sets of Almost Famous and Top Gun, there's tons to see and do in Sunny San Diego.

Monterrey, Mexico

Ticket Price: $194 from Houston

Why you should go: While everyone else is posting the same pictures from Cancun beaches, you'll be experiencing a corner of Mexico that is way underappreciated. This city has the most delicious dishes you've never tried, incredible museums and architecture like you've never seen before, and hiking spots you definitely need to visit.

Take this as your sign that it's the perfect time to visit one of these gorgeous places—for cheap!

Have a totally fun and safe summer, Texans.