I have to admit, I wasn't the biggest #Seekend fan when the couple first stepped out in January of 2017, but they slowly grew on me. From their adorable couple-grams to their beautiful debut at the MET gala, they did look very happy and in love during the peak of their relationship.

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After 10 months of dating, the two have parted ways. While they seemed very happy together, apparently there were some unavoidable signs that the two were destined for a break-up. Let's look at the evidence, shall we?

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1. Distance definitely played a part

The Weeknd was touring around North America while Selena was based in New York City filming her latest movie. While they're both entertainers who understand what their careers entail, being apart from one another can cause emotional distance if you're not in contact consistently.

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2. Social media never lies

The couple has seen a serious decline in liking each other's social media compared to the beginning of their relationship. In recent months, neither Abel or Selena really gave much attention to their S/O's Instagram accounts, which is weird considering at the beginning of their relationship they were very active in eachother's stories and likes. This non-verbal clue really showed that the two were growing further apart.

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3. Physical distance can lead to emotional distance

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Although we like to think that long distance isn't that big of a deal, it can be hard to feel like our needs are being met. With extremely busy schedules, it can be hard to carve out time where you're both available to chat and share what's on your minds. Not being able to communicate with your partner can easily cause anxiety, which isn't great considering Selena suffers with mental health issues due to her Lupus.

It's possible during these moments away from Abel where she wasn't getting positive feelings, she remembered positive moments from her past relationship - with Justin Bieber - that she simply wasn't getting from Abel. It's very natural for Selena to have reached out to Justin when she was feeling rockier in her relationship.

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4. Their time apart could have seriously killed their honeymoon phase

At 10 months into a new relationship, the honeymoon phase should still be going strong, but since they were spending so much time apart it's likely that they created too much distance in their relationship. Healthy relationships typically include daily rituals of connection and intimacy, show appreciation, and provide validation. Without these elements, their relationship was at risk to outside influence.

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5. Justin Bieber might've been the final straw

Since there was such physical and emotional distance between Selena and The Weeknd, Selena might have been seeing Justin in a different light. It's true that the Biebs has been cleaning up his act recently, reconnecting with God and his mental health - this might've been very attractive to Selena who has similar values. The fact that Selena reached out to him is very interesting, seeing as our exes voices, scents and physical mannerisms can trigger positive, familiar responses in our bodies that can make us 'reattach' to them.