We've all been there. A seemingly great and cool date that when it's over, the person basically vanishes into thin air? Incredibly tragic, totally sad and honestly, pretty transparent. Although you might not have been aware of it, there were some definite signs that person was not into you based on what they were or weren't doing. 

If you've had one great day - first off, congratulations. Dates are fking hard and finding someone great to date is even fking harder, but if you thiiiiink you had one good date, you could be on the road to many, many more if they checked off some of these signs. 

1. You feel super comfortable with them

And it's not just the vodka talking. You and your date are chill and relaxed. There's a part of you that's nervous but for the most part, you feel at ease. Maybe you just swiped right on them or you've only exchanged a couple words in passing, but either way it feels like you guys have known each other for a long time, which is a great sign that you're just generally compatible when it comes to conversation.

2. The chemistry is undeniable 

Holy. Fk. Ever sit across from someone and just resist the urge to crawl on top of the table and make-out with them? No? Just me? It doesn't have to be that explicit - are your knees facing each other? Are you leaning into each other across the table? Feel a little spark when they touch your shoulder, waist or butt? Congratulations, you've got it. Being physically comfortable with someone is just as important as feeling emotionally comfortable with them, so you're already two for two.

3. You're both locked in to your conversation 

Are they making eye contact with you? Actively listening to what you're saying, asking questions and looking interested? Wow, someone actually gives a shit about what you're saying. And also has stuff to add, because you have mutual interests? Wow oh wow. I need to sit down.

Sometimes, people can be good conversationalists but not necessarily into you and it's easy to mistake the two. If they're actively trying to get to know you better and seriously looking invested, chances are they're super into you and your conversation.

4. Time literally flies before you know it 

You started off going for drinks and then grabbed a late night bite and then went for a walk in the park and whoops it's 3a.m. If your date truly weren't into you they wouldn't be locking in almost 6-8 hours of uninterrupted time with you. If you both are making excuses to extend the date while it feels like you guys just sat down together? It means you generally enjoy spending time and hanging out together, no strings attached.

5. When the date ends, you've already talked about seeing each other again

Nothing like getting out of a date and having them text you 10 minutes later. My (now) boyfriend did this on our first date and it was maybe the cutest thing ever. I couldn't wait to see him again so I was thrilled he was already hitting me up for a date. The "wait-3-days" rule is bullshit - especially if you actually like someone. If you're both are already talking about another date, chances are it's for real and not just to be nice. If your date ticked all of these boxes, congrats! You're on the road to something ~*more*~ and if not? You're more ready to see the signs and feel them when they happen for real!