As you may have probably heard, Cardi B announced on Saturday Night Live last night that her and her fiancé, Offset, are expecting a baby. She was a musical guest on the show yesterday, and after dropping her album on Friday and it going gold on the same day, she's definitely had a very exciting 48 hours. She revealed her pregnancy by wearing a tight white dress while performing on the show, and it has been speculated the past few months that she was pregnant.

While Offset has previously denied she was pregnant by stating, "I don't know what you're talking about", it seems like he did know what she was talking about. Or... surprise! Cardi B and Offset have had their troubles, as he became the subject of an alleged sex tape and fans criticized her for staying with them. However, there is obviously more to Offset than just being an alleged cheater and Cardi B's future husband. So who is Offset?! Let's find out.

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1. He has three children from previous relationships.

Offset isn't a new father! In fact, he's been a father for quite some time now. He has two kids that are two and one that is eight. While all of these children are from different relationships, is trying to get joint legal and physical custody of his 8 year old son.

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2. Offset and rapper Quavo are related.

Offset and Quavo are cousins, and along with rapper Takeoff they form the band Migos. All three were raised by Quavo's mom, as Quavo is Takeoff's uncle. It's kind of confusing, but the band Migos rose to fame with the song Versace, which was released in 2013.

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3. He's been on one TV show and played himself.

He played himself in an episode of Atlanta back in 2016, where him and the rest of Migos played fictional characters of themselves. They engage in a drug deal on the show.

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4. He's been under fire for using the term 'queer' while rapping in a song.

The song, which is named Boss Life by YFN Lucci, has a line which Offset raps saying, "I cannot vibe with queers". He apologized after he got a ton of hate for the lyric stating that he didn't mean queer to be directed at the LGBT community. Cardi B came to his rescue, and said he didn't know the term queer had such an important history with the LGBT community.

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5. Offsets real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus.

Even though we have no idea how he came up with the stage name Offset, the group he has with his family has a pretty adorable background to it. Migos actually refers to the Spanish word 'amigos', which they definitely are and always will be.