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5 Things You Need To Know About Kendall Jenner’s Rumoured Boyfriend Ben Simmons

Here's the 411 on Kendall Jenner's new dude, pro basketball player Ben Simmons.
5 Things You Need To Know About Kendall Jenner’s Rumoured Boyfriend Ben Simmons

Okay, Kendall, we see you sitting courtside. Last night, Kendall Jenner cheered on rumoured boyfriend and NBA star Ben Simmons as his team, the Philadelphia 76ers, took on the Houston Rockets in Philly. The two have been linked romantically on and off since May 2018. But, based on Kendall's seat next to Mama Simmons, we think it's safe to say they're very much on right now. 

Which begs the question: who is Ben Simmons? Because we're curious little kittens (and by that, we mean nosey AF), we're taking a closer look at the 22-year-old basketball player and bringing you everything you need to know about Kendall's new beau. 

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Ben Simmons is Australian. 

That's right: Kendall's new dude is from down under! Ben was born just outside of Melbourne and grew up in Newcastle. Because his dad is American and his mom Australian, he has dual citizenship.

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Basketball is in his blood. 

Ben's dad played basketball for Oklahoma City University before going pro in Australia. We're sure his father gave him a few pointers that helped Ben land a scholarship to Louisana State University.

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He dated Tinashe. 

Before getting together with Kendall, Ben and singer Tinashe were an item. We hope this isn't true, but Simmons might have cheated on his ex with Jenner. Yikes! Things got kinda weird when their relationship ended. Ben accused Tinashe of stalking him and Kendall. Drama, drama.

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His Chinese calligraphy is pretty damn good. 

In an adorable interview earlier this month, Ben learned how to write his name in Chinese. We love that Ben is willing to try new things and are interested to see if he can bring the sometimes shy Kendall out of her shell.

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Lebron James wants to make a TV show about his life. 

Lebron and Ben first met back in 2015 when the two played against each other at a Nike basketball camp. Ben has said he sees Lebron as a "big brother." Aww! The feelings of admiration are mutual. The basketball stars and friends are teaming up to produce a comedy series for NBC. Brotherly Love is inspired by Ben's childhood.

No word on when the show will air, but we're already looking forward to the episode where Ben meets Kendall!

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