50 Dogs Have Just Been Rescued And Flown To Ontario And Quebec Shelters For Adoption

They've been given a new lease on life.
50 Dogs Have Just Been Rescued And Flown To Ontario And Quebec Shelters For Adoption

More than 170 severely mistreated dogs at a South Korean dog meat farm have been saved by Human Society International Canada (HSI Canada) and are now looking for forever homes in North America and the UK.

46 of the dogs have been transported to partner shelters in Quebec, while another four of them will arrive tomorrow to be placed with an Ontario rescue group. Ewa Demianowicz, the campaign manager for HSI Canada, described the heart-wrenching experience in a statement earlier today:

"I've just returned from South Korea and the conditions at this dog meat farm were appalling. These poor dogs were confined in cramped, barren wire cages with little food and water and no protection from the elements. Mother dogs were there for years, forced to bear litter after litter of pups, only to have them stolen away to be slaughtered. The dogs are emaciated and covered in open sores, and they are in urgent need of veterinary treatment, proper nutrition and love. We are so happy that they will receive that care here in Quebec and that many of the dogs could be in forever homes in time for the holidays."

Demianowicz also announced that the dogs will be receiving close medical attention from veterinarians and behaviour experts before they are placed in loving homes. Golden retrievers, beagles, and Korean Jindos were among the breeds saved during the efforts.

"Many of the dogs are timid and will be seeking patient and calm adoptive families to help them adjust to their new lives," says Demianowicz. "They will become available for adoption December 18 at noon."

For more information on the adoptions, visit Human Society International's Canadian website.

See the incredible rescue footage here.