Being Canadian is awesome. Our country isn't only beautiful on the outside, it's also beautiful on the inside - its close-knit community is made up of a diversity of people who help shape Canadian culture into something that is distinctly ours to own and to show off.

Like any other culture, Canadians have their own set of characteristic mannerisms that make them identifiable to the rest of the world. Below are 57 of those mannerisms... How many of them can you relate to?

If you're Canadian, you're likely guilty of...

1. Saying 'sorry' even when you don't need to.

2. Opening the door for someone who's light years away.

3. Pretended to break your car window when it ices over.

4. Licking the chocolate that got stuck on your Timmies bag.

5. Colouring in Nunavut and the water around it lightly.

6. Ending almost all of your sentences with 'eh'.

7. Looking for the house hippo when you were younger.

8. Singing along to "Don't You Put It In Your Mouth".

9. Trying to push out the middle part of a toonie.

10. Stirring the bottom of an iced cap so it melts again.

11. Giggling immaturely at the name 'Regina'.

12. Testing out your plastic money under a running tap.

13. Misspelling 'Saskatchewan'... More than once.

14. Trick-or-treating with a winter jacket over your costume.

15. Letting the snow pile up for a few days before shovelling.

16. Forming lines (instead of stampedes) for almost anything.

17. Rolling up the rim of every Tim Hortons cup without fail.

18. Trying to learn how to speak French from food packaging.

19. Getting way too competitive whenever TimePlay came on.

20. Joining the Team Canada bandwagon during every Olympics.

21. Pretending you were rich with stacks of Canadian Tire money.

22. Apologizing to inanimate objects you accidentally bump into.

23. Wanting to buy everything at a Scholastic Canada Book Fair.

24. Botching the maple leaf when drawing the national flag.

25. Correcting your autocorrect for not recognizing "ou" words.

26. Avoiding any and all contact with a predatory Canada goose.

27. Jamming to at least one Shania Twain or Michael Buble song.

28. Not waiting long enough for your car to defrost in the winter.

29. Getting mad at a video that was "not available in your country."

30. Bearing the cold of the winter windchill to text on your phone.

31. Hacking the American Netflix because Canadian Netflix sucks.

32. Ordering a double-double to fit in with everyone else in line.

33. Having at least once discussion regarding bagged milk.

34. Accidentally stabbing yourself with a poppy on November 11.

35. Forever identifying Celine Dion with 'My Heart Will Go On'.

36. Not knowing whether to select U.S. English or U.K. English.

37. Secretly feeling relieved you don't live in the U.S.

38. Singing along to the "Sleep Country Canada" theme song.

39. Enjoying the overall aesthetic of an RCMP officer.

40. Stopping everything you're doing for a critical hockey game.

41. Regarding MuchMusic as 'The MTV of Canada'.

42. Using the metric system for everything except your weight.

43. Being very particular with your Timbit selections.

44. Appreciating temperatures of -10 degrees C or higher.

45. Checking to see if plastic money smells like maple syrup.

46. Not really paying any mind to the Juno Awards. 

47. Complaining about the weather, even if it's not that bad.

48. Loading your pancake stacks with tons of maple syrup.

49. Genuinely only knowing the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

50. Participating in the Boxing Day madness after Christmas.

51. Knowing of Kim Campbell because she was the only female PM.

52. Enjoying either Kinder Surprise, Ketchup Lays or Kraft Dinner.

53. Swooning over at least one Canadian celebrity, like Ryan Gosling.

54. Checking the wind chill before heading out of the house. 

55. Figuring out how many mistakes you made so far during your G test.

56. Going for a leisurely skate without wearing a helmet.

57. Publicly stating how proud you are to be Canadian.