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Trudeau Had To Tell People To Stop Vandalizing Cellphone Towers They Think Cause COVID-19

No link has been found between the towers and the virus.

One of the government's biggest jobs these days appears to be asking people to use common sense. In the latest example, people had to be asked to stop vandalizing 5g phone towers. The Prime Minister himself made it his business.

In a May 6 tweet, Justin Trudeau had to issue a stern warning to people who were continuing to vandalize the newly constructed cellphone towers.

"Vandalizing cellphone towers does nothing but threaten emergency services and impact the daily lives of Canadians across the country," he wrote, "These recent acts are serious criminal offences and carry severe penalties."

Liberal Member of Parliament Navdeep Bains also tweeted about the acts of vandalism, writing "Very troubled by the reports of vandalism of Canadian cell towers. As many of us are staying home, we’re relying on wireless and internet services to connect to our work, school, and loved ones. These criminal acts are completely unacceptable and threaten emergency services."

The statement comes after instances in Quebec where 5G structures were set on fire.

The Huffington Post reported that four towers in total had been hit by vandalism. Two of these attacks occurred on May 4, while the others happened May 1 and 5. The towers were operated by Rogers and Bell.

According to the report, Quebec Provincial Police spokesman Marc Tessier said that all four occurrences are being investigated by major crimes to see if there are links between them.

CTV News also reported that more towers had been vandalized and that arrests had been made following those fires.

Police are also investigating whether these acts of vandalism have any link to the ongoing conspiracy theory that 5G towers have anything to do with the spread of COVID-19.

Many of these theories have circulated around social media, but according to the World Health Organization, there is no clear proof that 5G technology has any adverse health effects, least of all causing people to get COVID-19.

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