6 Canadian Fashion Brands That Your Favourite Celebrities Are Always Wearing

Now you can dress just like the stars.
6 Canadian Fashion Brands That Celebrities Love To Wear

When you follow a celebrity on Instagram, not only are you keeping up with their dating life, current projects, and their opinions, you're also keeping up with their wardrobe. A lot of the times, if you're into a celebrity, it's because you like who they are as a person — what they stand for, who they donate their money to, etc., but it doesn't hurt if they've got an awesome sense of style as well. Here are six Canadian fashion brands that celebrities love to wear.

While it may seem like most of the great designers are far away in foreign countries, that's not the case at all. Canada is home to a ton of really amazing brands that outfit not only you and your friends but also some of your favourite celebrities.

The maker of everyone's favourite leggings, Lululemon is proudly Canadian, and so is the amazing Aldo shoes (which a certain royal just so happens to love so much that she wore them to the 2019 Wimbledon Championships, btw).

Next time you're feeling in the mood to expand your wardrobe, or even just support a local company, be sure to check out one of these six amazing Canadian brands:


When you're on the hunt for affordable and adorable shoes, Aldo is always a great go-to. The company was founded in Montreal in 1972 and is now worn by celebrities like Kate Middleton, Camila Cabello , Lucy Hale , and Kacey Musgraves.


Whether you wear them for working out or just simply lounging around the house, people can't get enough of Lululemon leggings. The brand often works with influencers on campaigns, and celebs like Madison Beer, Gisele Bundchen, and Dakota Johnson have all been spotted wearing the brand.

Jason Wu

Jason Wu is now technically based in the U.S., although the designer was born in Vancouver and learned to sew there, so Canada takes credit.

The brand first became popular when Michelle Obama wore a Jason Wu gown to Barack's first inaugural ball back in 2007, and it's now seen on celebs like Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, and Meghan Markle .


The brand Smythe launched back in 2004, exclusively selling jackets and blazers. They've since expanded into a variety of other everyday clothing items and are worn by stars like Jessica Mulroney , Nicole Kidman, and Amber Heard.


When Canadian women go shopping, Aritizia is almost always one of the mandatory stops. The elegant everyday brand is known for its partnerships with Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber , but its also loved by Cindy Crawford and Camila Mendes.

Jenny Bird

Jenny Bird is a Canadian jewelry company that was founded in 2008. With their bold and beautiful designs, the company has caught the eye of celebs like Celine Dion , Emma Roberts, Kylie Jenner , and P!nk.

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