6 Canadian Influencers Who Are Living The Life That You Want

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6 Canadian Influencers Who Are Living The Life That You Want
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If social media has imparted any lesson to us, it’s that loads of online trailblazers are living their absolute BEST lives atm, through not much more than their cells, laptops, and a decent WiFi connection. Exotic trips, fine dining, free gifts, the hottest events - all the unbelievable perks that seemed exclusively reserved for celebrities not even a decade ago. Becoming an influencer is an attainable beacon of hope among digitally savvy millennials worldwide.

All that glitz and glamour has also taught us that instead of living vicariously through these influencers' triumphs, we can chase our own dreams, make big moves in this popular industry, plus enjoy hype experiences as well. By devoting the time and effort to build your own personal brand through different platforms and, most importantly, through an awesome, trusty .CA domain, there’s no reason why you couldn’t end up centre-stage in our next article!

Here’s a list of six influencers who are living the exciting life tons of us only ever dream of.

1. Ayngelina Brogan

Nine years ago, Ayngelina Brogan quit her advertising job, left her boyfriend, bought herself a one-way ticket to Mexico - and basically never went back home. She doesn't consider herself an exciting individual (what is my life?), but what else would you call later dating a chef then opening up a restaurant together, followed by another in Canada? Snapping magnificent photos to share with your 16.9K followers? That's not exactly an everyday occurrence.

Once that relationship ended, Ayngelina moved to Havana, where she's currently working on completing a Cuban travel guide. As a self-proclaimed "food hunter," she started www.baconismagic.ca to chronicle her travels and showcase her exquisite food discoveries and vivid photography. Ayngelina's hugely popular .CA definitely helps sustain her extraordinary life; nearly 150,000 readers visit her site monthly to get the scoop on the best restaurants for their next vaca. From recipes to recreate exotic meals at home and must-eats worldwide to practical travel tips and emotional life posts, Bacon Is Magic allows this professional traveller to hone her personal .CA brand as a trustworthy, knowledgeable  food blogger with tons of inside info worth sharing!

2. Katrina Olson-Mottahed

Artist and cultural curator, Katrina Olson-Mottahed is high-key enjoying la dolce vita, as her 24.5K followers can attest to! From fashion to film, and everything in between, Katrina is unafraid to dip her toes into any artistic pond. This glam, go-getter mama of two young girls is also the proud co-founder and director of the Canadian International Fashion Film Festival (CANIFFF). I mean, come on, who else boasts that on their resume? Only someone who isn't afraid to shoot for the stars and live the good life.

Katrina's keen eye for clothing and passion for art take the spotlight on www.katrinaolson.ca, her creative online hub where she writes film reviews, raves about runway picks, and interviews contemporary artists from different industries. Her unique .CA is a comprehensive look into all the trends and faves that make her career extra fun; it's her personal brand's digital footprint where followers know they can always discover something fresh. 

3. Jessica Concannon 

Originally from Philly, Montreal's Jessica Concannon is currently living out her finest Carrie Bradshaw-inspired life in the upscale city of Westmount. She left her former job as a buyer and personal shopper to launch her own highly successful blog, www.westmountfashionista.ca. Her 21.9K followers are totally eating up her "pursuit of pretty" in the chic details that bump her life up to a more luxurious level #blogginggoalsforreal. 

Not only does this sartorial queen express her feminine vibes and couture inspo through Westmount Fashionista, but it's also where she establishes herself as a serious name-brand connoisseur. The authenticity guide on her trusted blog helps buyers beware of purchasing fake purses and how to avoid being duped. Her .CA has helped solidify her status as a true couture expert! 

4.  Nancy Mac

Nancy Mac's Instagram followers also know her as the founder of Freon Collective. That's right, this young content creator and fashion designer already owns a small-batch manufacturing company in Toronto's hip, well-loved Distillery District. The blog she created, www.naancymaac.ca, over five years ago to share her love of cosmetics, fashion, and literature. Her followers flock to her blog for honest beauty-product reviews and top skincare recommendations, among so much more.

This makeup maven knows her stuff and is creating her own rules on her influencer journey. If you have a natural penchant or knack for something, there's no better time to put yourself out there than right now. Start achieving your objectives by launching your own .CA and creating a personal brand that people can relate to and admire. 

5. Sydney Hoffman

At only 26, Toronto's Sydney Hoffman is already travelling the globe! From Antigua and Greece to the Amalfi Coast and the French Riviera, this influencer has no shortage of stamps on her passport. She chronicles her trips through her blog and the YouTube channel she shares with her TV host and producer sister, Morgan Hoffman. (Ambition is obvs in their blood!)

Holiday-obsessed Sydney created www.sydneyhoffman.ca in 2011 after graduating high school, originally intending for it to be beauty based. Her 23.1K followers love to check out what has now evolved into a lifestyle and fashion blog full of amazing pics.

6. Cailin O'Neil

With over 2.5M Youtube views and 8K Insta followers, filmmaker Cailin O'Neil is the star of her own show (aka life) and doing very well for herself. In 2009, she brazenly left Halifax on her own and pretty much never looked back. Chronicling her full-time career as a travel blogger and foodie, she’s got tons of glorious adventures under her belt: Buñol's La Tomatina Festival (the world's largest food fight), getting up close and personal with Rwanda's wild mountain gorillas, squid jigging in Malaysia, and South African safaris. Seriously, this travel-fiend has visited over 47 countries which guarantees she's making the most of her time on Earth.

As a professional content creator, Cailin's making new friends around the globe and taking in the wonders of the world - isn't that everyone's dream? Her insightful website, www.travelyourself.ca/, can help you set sail, too. Plus, by downloading CIRA'S Digital Me ebook, you can launch your own successful brand! 

These six influencers prove that having a happy, fulfilling life isn't out of reach - as long as your self-branding is on point. By knowing exactly how to market yourself well, bring out your special flair, and make your interests and hobbies resonate with the perfect like-minded audience, you can be snapping amazing photos, vacaying more, and actually loving your career as well!

Downloading .CA's helpful Digital Me ebook is the first step in launching your personal brand, reaching potential followers, and setting up a life where work doesn't feel like work. It's time to finally start achieving your goals and embark on your own thrilling journey as a Canadian influencer!

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