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6 Celebrities Who Have Unbelievable Vacation Homes In Canada

We all know that our favourite Canadian celebs like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, and Drake, come back home every so often to visit their home country. They kick back in their luxurious properties in Ontario and maybe they catch a basketball game or just spend time with their family that still lives here. However, did you know there are other Hollywood celebs that vacation in our country? Here are 6 celebrities who have vacation homes in Canada. 

Many other countries think of Canada as a place that is permanently filled with snow. What most of them don’t know is that we actually have beautiful summers and beautiful sceneries to match.

These celebrities were ahead of the game when it came to knowing what Canadian climate actually has to offer. Whether it was because they had visited the location for work, or they are Canadian and wanted to keep a piece of their home, these celebrities all saw the worth in buying vacation property in Canada.

Kate Hudson

It's no surprise that Kate Hudson bought a property in Muskoka, Ontario. Afterall, her mom, Goldie Hawn, had a cottage in the same area until 2014. She was first spotted there in 2007 with her ex, Dax Sheppard. Kate's cottage is on Lake Joseph – the perfect place to spend summer days with her whole family!

Tom Hanks 

It seems like Goldie Hawns cottage getaway rubbed off on Tom Hanks as well, who also has property in Muskoka. Instead of using his place as a summer getaway, Tom uses the property when he is filming for long periods of time in Ontario. He's using his cottage to make work a vacation. Genius!

Cindy Crawford

This supermodel doesn’t mind living the cottage life in the summers. Like Kate Hudson, she also owns a cottage in Muskoka, Ontario. She brings her husband and two children to their 7 acre paradise that is actually its own private island. They can only get to it by boat! She told Vogue that she loves her property because of the privacy it gives her and her family.

Jason Priestley 

Jason Priestley owns an entire resort on Vancouver Island with his parents. It's called the Terrace Beach Resort and it is complete with cabins and a boardwalk beach!

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey couldn't just leave his home without taking a piece with him! He owns a cottage in Bancroft, Ontario. If you ever catch him at the airport flying to Peterborough on his private jet, thats probably where he's headed!

Justin Bieber 

Although Justin Bieber doesn't own a vacation home in Canada, he does own property here. He also rents cottages in the Muskoka area in the summer to spend some downtime with his family, who still lives in Ontario.

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