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6 Celebrity Homes In Texas That Are Unbelievable Photos

Cruising through nice neighborhoods is a fun way of passing the time, especially with some of the unbelievable homes you'll come across. Unsurprisingly, Texas is where many massive homes reside and the majority of them are owned or rented by your favorite celebrities. Below are six celebrity homes in Texas that'll blow you away.

Tony Romo

It's no surprise to us that a Dallas Cowboy would own real estate in Dallas, Texas. The soon-to-be mansion is new and clearly still under construction, but we're sure it'll be gorgeous once it's complete.

Jared Padalecki

Padalecki and his family adore Austin, so the choice to move here must've been an easy one, especially when they found this gorgeous piece of real estate. The family has been quarantined here for the past few weeks, lucky them!

Dez Bryant

Bryant may have left the Cowboys, but he could never leave Dallas, not completely, that is. With a pool, a basketball court, and enough space to put all of his cars, he could never get bored here.

Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey has quite a bit going on in Austin, so it makes sense as to why he'd want to live here. This massive home is where he and his family currently live and isn't far from UT, where he teaches a course.

Joel Osteen

Osteen loves Texas, especially Houston, where the preacher currently lives. His home is absolutely massive, in fact, it looks like there are multiple homes in one.

Jensen Ackles

Ackles was featured on America Digest for how beautiful his home is. He's practically neighbors with his Supernatural costar, Padalecki, and it couldn't have worked out better.

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