Tiny homes are all the rage right now, not just because they’re affordable, but because they’re just so darn cute! From renovated mobile buses to shipping containers that are cheaper and nicer than a Miami apartment, they’re perfect for all of your needs. Take your reclaimed magic school buss on a trip across the country, rent out your shipping container to travelers, or even use it as a personal office space! No matter your plans, there’s a tiny home out there for you. Here are some cheap tiny homes for sale in Florida right now!

Mini House Shipping Container

Price: $25,000

Address: South Miami, Florida

Why You Need It: Perfectly insulated to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, this shipping container home full plumbing and electrical installed. The space contains a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, plus a washer and dryer.

Tiny House RV

Price: $20,000

Address: Orlando, Florida

Why You Need It: This 1994 Thomas school bus is partially renovated, perfect for those who want to do their own thing. It already has electric installed with a large generator, and at 400-square feet you can finish designing it to fit all of your traveling or stationary needs.

Blue Tiny House

Price: $20,000

Address: Pensacola, Florida

Why You Need It: Everything is new in this chic and simple tiny home, totaling 137 square feet. With one loft bed and one bathroom, this tiny home is ready to roll and completely mobile.

Rustic Tiny Home

Price: $19,900

Address: Umatilla, Florida

Why You Need It: This charming rustic tiny home has an attached "outhouse" bathroom with plumbing. The space totals 50 square feet and has a sofa bed, A/C, and a kitchenette with a sink, mini-refrigerator, coffee pot, and toaster oven.

Unique Lofted Barn

Price: $17,000

Address: Weirsdale, Florida

Why You Need It: At 500-square feet, this tiny home barn is topped with a metal roof and maximizes space with dual lofts, and a single bathroom.

Gypsy Trailer

Price: $32,000

Address: Naples, FL

Why You Need It: This whimsical gypsy trailer is only 238 square feet, but it is road-ready and perfect for your mobile needs. Taking it camping in the woods, or even to Burning Man!

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