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6 Colorful Places In Alabama To Visit That Are Total Technicolor Dreams

A splash of color in your life is always a welcome addition, especially when you can completely surround yourself in happy, technicolor vibes. From colored therapy lights to admiring an ombre sunset, our colorful world can create some stellar shots for your photo feed and can even evoke a myriad of feelings — whether that's a wave of calm or some major vibrant hype. These colorful places in Alabama are a total treat for the eyes so get ready to get lost in a sea of rainbow road trip dreams.

Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge

Address: 3121 Visitor Center Rd., Decatur, AL

Why You Need To Go: Besides being a great place to experience the gorgeous fall foliage, Wheeler Wildlife Refuge has another colorful spot to check out, its rainbow swamp! According to a Florida swamp walk leader, Jeff Ripple, the phenomenon is caused by a film of natural oils from decaying vegetation on the swamp’s surface.

Birmingham Museum of Art

Address: 2000 Reverend Abraham Woods Jr Blvd., Birmingham, AL

Why You Need To Go: From massive colorful murals to interactive pieces and illustrious illusions, a stroll around the Birmingham Museum of Art is a total treat for the eyes.

Give Me Color Wall

Address: 1305 2nd Ave., N. #101, Birmingham, AL

Why You Need To Go: This street mural is the embodiment of color evoking joy and community in people. Made in 2018, The Birmingham Times reported it as a project organized by a local creative agency called Redpath Creative to turn a blank wall in downtown Birmingham into a group art project. Hundreds of people came together on the day of the event to draw, paint, and create. You can find the mural behind the Redemptive Cycles shop.


Address: 1 18th St., N. Birmingham, AL

Why You Need To Go: Walking into Bill Fitzgibbon’s art installation LightRails feels like stepping into a portal that’s about to whisk you off into another dimension. The light-art piece has illuminated the 18th Street viaduct in downtown Birmingham since 2013 as a way to enhance the walkway and bring a splash of color to the city center.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Address: 2612 Lane Park Rd., Birmingham, AL

Why You Need To Go: Vast plots of blooming tulips, poppies, chrysanthemums, waterfalls and more paint the scenery in the spring and summer months — you can even find pink Japanese cherry blossoms in the spring! Wander their Asian Glades to feel like you've been momentarily whisked away to another country.

Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts

Address: 1221 10th Ave. S., Birmingham, AL

Why You Need To Go: From colorful pixilated ceilings to neon floors, and glowing walls, walking into this arts center feels like you've been transported to the Tron universe.

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