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6 Haunted Spots In Alabama That Should Be On Your Ghost Hunting Bucket List

Reader beware, you're in for a scare.
Haunted Places In Alabama

Alabama is a state of beauty and wonder —but like everywhere, there is still a haunting dark side. From hotels to forts, modern eateries to 19th-century taverns, these 6 haunted spots in Alabama to go ghost hunting at will be sure to send a shiver down your spine. If you consider yourself to be somewhat of a skeptic, these locations that you can actually visit might just change your mind. 

Before proceeding, as the beloved Goosebumps author R.L. Stine would say, reader, beware, you're in for a scare. 

Hotel Finial

Address: 1600 Quintard Ave., Anniston, AL

Why You Need To Go: Many guests, as well as hotel staff, have reported unexplainable —seemingly ghostly— activity, like the sounds of footsteps and music playing in empty rooms at this gorgeous 19th-century mansion-turned-hotel.

Fort Morgan

Address: Fort Morgan, AL

Why You Need To Go: Construction of Fort Morgan started in 1819, and it was later used for battle during the Civil War. Legend has it that the fort comes back to life at night with disembodied screams from soldiers who lost their lives here.

Lucas Tavern

Address: Old Alabama Town, 301 Columbus St., Montgomery, AL

Why You Need To Go: Built in the early 1800s, this tavern is full of over 200 years worth of history —and friendly spirits. The site is supposedly haunted by the former keeper, Eliza Lucas, who is said to make sure guests are still enjoying their visit today.

Redmont Hotel

Address: 2101 Fifth Ave. N, Birmingham, AL

Why You Need To Go: Known for being the oldest operating hotel in Alabama, this lodge is supposedly haunted by a "woman in white," the former owner Clifford Stiles, and big-name country singer, Hank Williams. Are you brave enough to spend a night here?

Hampton Inn & Suites Birmingham (The Tutwiler Hotel)

Address: 2021 Park Pl., Birmingham, AL

Why You Need To Go: There are rumors of disembodied mischief here, but no one really knows who the ghost might be. Some suspect it's Colonel Tutwiler himself, while others think it's a resident who passed away in the building.

Gaines Ridge Dinner Club

Address: 933 Highway 10 E., Camden, AL

Why You Need To Go: This hidden gem has earned its way to being named the most haunted restaurant in Alabama, and they are proud of it. The establishment's official website goes into detail about several of the reported hauntings.

So, which of these locations are making your ghost hunting bucket list this year?

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