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6 Industries Besides Food You Should Tip For In Canada And How Much To Give Them

There's more than just your food you should be tipping for in Canada.
6 Industries Besides Food You Should Tip For In Canada And How Much To Give Them

We all know about tipping for food, it’s kind of expected if you don’t want to be seen a complete jerk at the end of your meal.

But there’s plenty of other industries out there that you should also be tipping for, the question is how much.

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Most people agree that about 15% is what you should be giving to your waiter or waitress, but does that go for other things as well?  



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These are the people you who work in hotels that can arrange things like tours and give you recommendations of where to eat. They're basically local experts whose job is to make your trip or vacation even better. And as such you should be tipping them for their services.

According to the National Concierge Association, they don't expect a tip if you've just asked where to eat within a block of the hotel, but if they've gone to the trouble of booking you a tour or tickets you should give them between $5 and $20.

Tattoo Artist 

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Someone who just spent probably an hour or longer drawing on your skin with what is the only true permanent marker deserves a tip. Now, of course, most of them won't say straight out that they expect one but you really should be giving them something, even though you probably don't like them much for hurting your skin.

Tipping here depends on how long they worked on you, a good idea though is a minimum of 10% in Canada according to

Flower Delivery Person 

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Here's something to keep in mind for next Valentines Day, tipping the person who delivers flowers. Think about it, they do basically the same job as a pizza delivery person except your pizza won't die if they take too long.

The best idea here is to tip them the same as any other delivery person, $5 should do it.

Tow Truck Driver  

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Eventually, all cars start to break down, especially if it's your first one and you got it secondhand from your parents. And when it does you'll need someone to come to pick you up from wherever you got stuck.

We know getting your car fixed costs money and you don't want to spend more then you have to but let's face it, tow truck drivers help you out a pretty big jam and according to you should be giving them $10 for their trouble.

Hotel Maids 

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Maids are probably the most underappreciated of all hotel staff, a lot of the time you may not even see when they come into your room to clean up after you.

But that doesn't mean you can't tip them, you can always just stick the money somewhere obvious with a little note asking them to take it. According to you should be leaving around $2 to $5 a day to have your room cleaned up after you.

Dog Walker 

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This is a bit of a special one, we aren't saying that you need to tip them every single day, that would be insanely expensive.

But giving your dog walker a nice bonus around the holidays as a thank you for looking after your pet is a nice way to show you appreciate their work. suggests a tip of between 10% to 20% of what you pay each day.