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6 Must-Try Ways To Reinvent Your Old Wardrobe For Summer

When you were little, you probably snooped through your parents’ perfume-filled closets admiring their colourful clothing.

You remember. The bright pink high heels that were way too big, the 80’s ties that stretched below our waistlines, mom’s glammed-out wedding dress with frills TO THE MAX and those outrageous rainbow hued bell-bottoms from the 70’s.

We all love going a little cuckoo with fashion, but there are major incentives for browsing through your old clothing. The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, so every shirt that you recycle (either by consigning or donating at places like Value Village) counts as your good deed for the day.

This summer, you can revamp your closet by transforming the clothes you thought were outdated into chic summer couture. As it turns out, restyling your own clothes is wayyyy cooler than shopping for new ones. Yes, seriously.

1. Try An Androgynous Look

@valuevillage_thriftembedded via

Any guy with a button up can already sport this look for summer patio weather. But what’s also ultra convenient is that as a girl, you just have to casually ‘borrow’ one from your friend’s or boyfriend’s closet.

Or, get adventurous and shop the men’s racks at a local thrift store – you never know what you’re going to find.

2. Embrace Contrasting Patterns

@valuevillage_thriftembedded via

If you’ve looked at the latest styles, you know that wearing contrasting patterns is all the rage. It also means you can reinvent your old patterned shirts and 90's looks that never worked when you were younger, but definitely do now.

With all the variety in your own closet, this one’s super easy to pull off, just in time for summer! If you want to jazz it up, you can easily give it that Prada edge by adding a statement piece like sunglasses or your favourite leather purse.

Of course, if there are any items that you just know you’ve grown out of, it’s uber easy to give to a local nonprofit at Value Village. Every Value Village has a convenient Community Donation Center for fast AND easy donation drop offs.

3. Sport The Edgy Jacket

@valuevillage_thriftembedded via

Remember The Notebook? Allie and Noah managed to have fun in the rain, but they would have had wayyyy more fun with a vintage jacket made by the likes of Calvin Klein.

The sharp lines of this bright red button up are especially striking, and it might just be enough to conjure up some romance of your own. Sewing on some extra lace or fringe to the sleeves of a shirt worn underneath could give your outfit some serious oomph for your next date…and who knows, maybe you’ll end up with your own Notebook moment.

4. Bring Back The Chunky Belt

@valuevillage_thriftembedded via

It’s crazy how a belt can transform your outfit. Here we see an accordion style skirt (we love the colour) with a flattering, black long sleeve shirt that makes this model look like a total glamazon. Also…This. Outfit. Screams. BRUNCH!

But before sipping on your mimosa, sip on this: it takes 700 gallons of water to make one cotton T-shirt…which means you actually wear more water than you drink. Giving to Value Village provides that extra peace of mind because each year it keeps a whopping 700,000,000 pounds of reusable items out of landfills.

5. Pair Khaki With Golden Age Hollywood

@valuevillage_thriftembedded via

Who wouldn’t want this fresh take on an Audrey Hepburn T-shirt? Elevate khakis with a timeless white leather purse and a grey structured blazer that give the outfit a casual yet sleek edge.

Because of this outfit’s cross between elegant and everyday, you could wear it anywhere, from a hip and trendy bar to a mouth watering sushi lunch with your besties.

6. Rock The 80’s Fabrics And Styles

@valuevillage_thriftembedded via

That colourful windbreaker sitting in your closet can go a long way in the spring, especially given its light fabric.

A great incentive for finding new ways to wear old favourites is that 26 billion pounds of clothing goes into landfills each year. The sad part? A whopping 95% could be reused or recycled. Giving your clothes to a charitable nonprofit helps, but if there’s a way to keep them in your closet, that’s even better.

There you have it: a few handy tricks for repurposing the items in your closet to extend their lives and give you an extra chic look at the same time.

Get out of your comfort zone. Turn an old scarf into a short wrap top or add a vintage purse as your outfit’s sidekick.

In the meantime, keep unleashing your inner Alexander McQueen by digging into that wardrobe of yours and using your imagination.