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6 Natural Lazy Rivers In Alabama That Are Super A Relaxing Retreat

It's easy to get carried away in Alabama. The Dixie State is home to several creeks and rivers with gentle currents so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Grab your cutest floatie, pack some cool drinks, and let the natural lazy rivers in Alabama relieve your stress and renew your sense of adventure.

From crystal clear waters to amber hues and everywhere serene in-between, these leisurely locations will provide you with some much-needed respite from your usual daily hustle n' bustle — all while soaking up the sights of lush landscapes deep in The Heart of Dixie.

Whether you already have your own float or kayak and want to go it alone, need to rent one with your friends, have the extra cash and want to support your local waterways and businesses, or need a place to escape that will be kind to the ol' wallet, you'll find a little bit of it all on this list of 6 natural lazy rivers in Alabama.

Get ready to keep calm and float on!

Flint River

Price: $45 per person for tube rentals

Address: 1143 Moontown Rd., Brownsboro, AL

Why You Need To Go: This free-flowing river is perfect for kayaking and canoeing, no paddling required. Hop in and enjoy a relaxing float downstream.

Cahaba River

Price: $20 requested donation

Address: 2717 7th Ave. S., Ste. 205, Birmingham, AL

Why You Need To Go: Canoeing down the Cahaba is the perfect summer pastime. This natural lazy river is great for wildlife-viewing.

Styx River

Price: $20 per person for tubing

Address: 25625 Water Rapids Rd., Robertsdale, AL

Why You Need To Go: If you love to go tubing, then head to the Styx. This 4-mile-long journey will leave you totally zen.

Terrapin Creek

Price: $30 single kayak, $50 double kayak

Address: 593 County Rd. 336, Piedmont, AL

Why You Need To Go: This kayaking trip won't disappoint. You can float down this calm creek in Alabama and let your worries get whisked away.

Tallapoosa River

Price: $10 regular tube, $15 deluxe tube

Address: 131 Doe Valley Rd., Tallapoosa, GA

Why You Need To Go: This scenic river flows through both Georgia and Alabama. Round up some friends for a fun party-float, find a launch point nearby, and take a trip down-stream.

Cypress Creek

Price: Free to launch with your own equipment

Address: 1981 Jackson Rd., Florence, AL

Why You Need To Go: Sail down this tranquil creek from the public access point. You'll glide on the mellow current and get stunning views.

Go with the flow and take a peaceful ride through the Alabama countryside. You'll leave feeling like you had a restful day at the spa, the natural way.

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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