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6 Of Canada's Hottest Menswear Brands

Stylish from coast to coast
6 Of Canada's Hottest Menswear Brands

In a world of ever-changing economics and more recently questionable international trading tariffs, it is never a bad idea to buy locally. 

Designers from Vancouver to Halifax and everywhere in between are keeping it fresh and local with some of the hottest menswear in the country. 

1. wings + horn 

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This Vancouver based brand likes to keep it simple and high quality. They pride themselves on pairing premium materials with modern, simplistic designs. While they officially began in Japan, they opened a factory in BC and have been producing collections there ever since. 

2. Reigning Champ 

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Another BC brand, Reiging Champ designs athletic wear for men but also for women. Their products focus on mastering the details of each piece. They also develop signature fabrics to use in their products, with the main focus being on construction and comfort. They craft all their clothes in Vancouver. 

3. Commonwealth Manufacturing

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This small shirt designer, based out of Winnipeg, focuses on refining the process of creating men's shirts. Instead of focusing on their brand, they focus only on making the best shirts possible. They make their clothes to be a long-lasting version of the classic menswear design. 

4. YNOT 

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When it comes to accessories, this Toronto based brand has you covered. Their bags and accessories are all handmade in the city. The whole process from design to shipping is done in-house. Their whole mandate is to simplify the lives of style-wise urban commuters.

5. Naked and Famous

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Another company that has not only menswear but also women's fashion is this Montreal based denim brand. They source the best denims from around the world and craft them into amazing jeans, with everything from cutting the fabric to the shipping being done in Canada. They have also been known to come up with crazy ideas like glow-in-the-dark and scratch-and-sniff denims. 

6. Duggers

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This brand is a long standing family business, based in Halifax. The store, opened by late, former Habs player Dugger McNeil, specializes in more formal menswear like sports coats and jackets, but also customer service. They believe in helping everyone to look their absolute best.