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6 Of The Most Popular Health Trends For 2019

Curious what health trends will be all of social media in 2019? One of the most popular New Year's resolutions is to be healthier by exercising more and eating better and improve ourselves overall. Over the last few years, we have seen a vast range of diets and health products scattered across our social media and more than a few of them have caught our eyes.

If your goal is to become healthier, these are six of the most popular health trends for 2019 that you might want to try!

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Wearable Technology

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This year you'll see fitness trackers like the Fitbit will continue to be popular. These devices that can track sleep patterns, daily steps and heart rate are all the rage because they help to motivate you to be active. According to the American College Of Sports Medicine's worldwide survey of fitness trends for 2019 wearable technology will be the number one fitness trend for 2019.

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Oat Milk

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Nondairy milk will continue to be huge in 2019, with oat milk becoming the dairy-alternative of choice. The vegan beverage is gaining in popularity because it tastes more like regular milk compared to almond milk and is environmentally friendly. Pinterest recently published that they believe oat milk has an increase of searches by 186%!

Hemp Products & CBD

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Hemp products and cannabidiol (CBD) are going to become increasingly in demand in 2019. Now that Canada has legalized recreational marijuana, Canadians are looking to hemp products and CBD for health reasons. Recently CBD is showing up in supplements, beauty products, and oils to help with anxiety, stress, and inflammation.

Whole Foods Market has forecasted hemp and CBD as one of the top food trends for 2019. According to Whole Foods, “hemp hearts, seeds, and oils are nothing new to food and body care lovers— they’re in everything from waffle mix to dried pasta ... but a new interest in the potential benefits stemming from other parts of hemp plants has many brands looking to explore the booming cannabis biz.”

Cutting Back On Alcohol

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After indulging in too much alcohol over the holidays, many people opt to have a Dry January where they abstain from alcohol. In 2019, replacing your cocktails for non-alcoholic beverages will be a huge trend. Searches for sober living are up 746% right now!

At Home Fitness

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In 2019 we will be exercising more effectively at home. In 2018 we saw the rise in at home workout platforms and fitness apps such as FiiT and Nike+ Training Club.

This year your at-home workout will involve become high tech with the introduction of products like Mirror a nearly invisible interactive home gym and Peloton which offers a private cycling class in your home. Many other at-home workout products will be on the market this year!

Mediterranean Diet

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In 2019 the Mediterranean Diet will be huge. The Mediterranean Diet focuses on eating plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and replacing butter with healthy fats like olive oil.

The US News And World Report, has just ranked the Mediterranean Diet the Best Overall Diet for 2019. According to the report, the Mediterranean Diet is one of the easiest diets to follow and is great for heart health and improving longevity.