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6 Shows To Watch On Netflix While You Wait For Season 2 Of 'You'

New episodes of the hit series will be coming to Netflix soon.
6 Shows To Watch On Netflix While You Wait For Season 2 Of 'You'

If you're like me, you've likely spent your Christmas break binge-watching Netflix's newest hit show You, starring Penn Badgley and Shay Mitchell. The first season has just 10 episodes, so it didn't take too long to breeze through the entire thing - after all, we were addicted after just the first episode.

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Luckily for us, the series has been renewed for a second season! Although an exact date has yet to be released, Netflix has shared via Instagram that new episodes will be "coming soon". In the meantime, you definitely need something else to binge watch. If you're tired of checking out the same old series' over and over again, why not try something new? Netflix has no shortage of great content for you to enjoy, with even more coming in 2019!

Here are some awesome shows on Netflix to watch while you wait for season two of You:

Gossip Girl

If the reason you're so obsessed with You has anything to do with Penn Badgely, you have to watch Gossip Girl ASAP. Back in the day, this show had us all totally obsessed with New York's Upper East Side, and all the drama that goes on there. Some people have claimed that Joe Goldberg is TOO similar to Dan Humphrey but hey, we're not complaining!


If you haven't heard of the new Netflix Original, Baby, all you really need to know about it is that people have been calling it a darker version of Gossip Girl. Although it's not based in New York, Baby takes place in the uber-glamorous city of Italy, and is actually based on true events. It involves dark topics like death and prostitution, and will have you hooked from the first episode.


Dynasty is a show that's full of family drama and plot twists, much like You. The show follows Fallon Carrington, who is set to take over her father's prized global energy empire... Until he meets the woman of his dreams, that is. Fallon and her brother are less than pleased to meet their new stepmother-to-be, and will do anything in their power to make sure she doesn't take what's rightfully theirs.


Perfume is a French drama based on a best-selling novel. The series tells the story of a group of friends who have an intense passion for scent - which leads to a string of disturbing secrets being hidden. When one of them is brutally murdered years later, all those secrets are forced to come out.


If you're not already on the Riverdale bandwagon, why not take the opportunity to jump on now? The show is full of romance and drama, much like You, and it's got a totally awesome cast that fans have been obsessing over for months now. Although it's not much like the Archie comics you read growing up, it does re-imagine all your favourite characters in a super unique way.

The Hookup Plan

If you're looking for something a bit more lighthearted, this French drama is just the thing for you. Taking place in modern day Paris, this comedic series follows Elsa, who is infamously unlucky in love. In order to boost her confidence, Elsa's friends hire a male escort behind her back to show her what love is really like, but things don't exactly go as planned... Will Elsa finally find love? Watch The Hookup Plan and find out!