6 Zen Salt Caverns In Florida To Visit For The Ultimate Healing Vibes

Being "salty" isn't always a bad thing!
6 Spas In Florida With Salt Caverns To Visit For Zen Healing Vibes

Whether you're in it for the massage or a visit to the sauna, going to a spa can bring you some serious relaxation. Some even have salt caves, boasting a myriad of suggested health benefits while ushering in an undeniably cool and zen vibe. If you're looking for a unique experience to help you wind down from a stressful week, check out this list of Florida spas with dreamy salt caverns.

Salt Therapy Grotto & Spa

Address: 3443 Pine Ridge Rd., Unit 102, Naples, FL

Why You Need To Go: With magical “views” of the full moon over the ocean, this salt cavern in Naples feels like a beach getaway to help melt your worries away. This spa also offers an infrared sauna and red-light therapy.

Breathe Salt & Yoga

Address: 287 East Indiantown Rd., Suite B-4, Jupiter, FL

Why You Need To Go: Ocean meets land at this chill salt room in Jupiter, lit with calming phototherapy lights that give the room an extra magical glow.

The Salt Grotto

Address: 1026 Bloomingdale Ave., Valrico, FL

Why You Need To Go: You can indulge in restorative 45-minute sessions of salt therapy in these beautiful red glowing caves. You can also check out the Salt Bed where you can lay directly on top of the heated Himalayan salt crystals.

The Salt Suite

Address: View all Florida locations here.

Why You Need To Go: Lay back and relax in your own little cubicle at this calming salt cave. The cavern is a group setting, but if you're worried about germs, salt can kill some bacteria and prevent its growth.

Nail City & Salt Room Mandarin

Address: 10566 Old St Augustine Rd., Jacksonville, FL

Why You Need To Go: Relax and breathe deeply in this salt room, and even treat yourself to manicure or pedicure, too!

Fusion Therapy

Address: 7069 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL

Why You Need To Go: Sit back in NASA inspired, zero-gravity chairs while you meditate, read, or listen to music in these salt rooms. You can even get a salt suite massage in the room, too.

Take a deep breath, kick back, find your zen in a salt cave.

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