6 Surprising Canadian Pot Smoking Facts In Honour Of 4/20 Day

How much do you know about Canadian marijuana habits?
6 Surprising Canadian Pot Smoking Facts In Honour Of 4/20 Day

As you most likely already know today is 420. Which if you’re stoner is basically the exact same thing as Christmas in the middle of April. It’s like the one day of the year where pot is basically legal because the cops can’t arrest everyone at a weed protest.

Of course by this time next year Cannabis will actually be legal, we can only imagine what 420 is going to look like then.

Recently Statistics Canada released some info about Canadian’s weed smoking habits so in honour of 420 let’s take a look at what we’ve learned. 

Firstly, and perhaps most surprisingly, Nova Scotia is apparently the province with the highest percentage of pot smoking people. Stats Canada says 20% of Nova Scotians 15 or older have smoked pot in the last three months.

Quebec is the province with the lowest percentage, only 10% of them have used Marijuana in the past 3 months. 

Most people seem to also be buying their pot from a family member or a friend. 31% of cannabis users say that’s how they get it, the least popular way is to buy it online.

Smoking the dried leaves or flower of Marijuana seems to be the preferred way to ingest it for Canadians. 

Well over half of users says that’s how they do it with 76% of them saying they smoke it and only 28% say they use edibles.

There’s lots of other info as well that you can see below on the Info graphic Stats Canada put out. Feel free to see where your province stacks up against the rest of the country.

Via StatisticsCanada

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