The one thing we can all agree on when it comes to Friday the 13th, it's the deals that come with it. Some find this infamous holiday to not be their jam, but you can't look past all the cool things you can get. Many tattoo parlors are known to knock their prices down to $13, so this is the time to bite the bullet and get inked while you can for cheap. Here are six tattoo shops in North Carolina offering Friday the 13th tattoo flash sales. 

Green Light Tattoo 

Price: $13 + $7 tip

Address: 820 Lamar Ave., Charlotte, NC

Why You Need To Go: The shop will be offering flash tattoos that you can get either on your arm or your leg and you can only get one.

Hardwire Tattooing 

Price: $20-$31

Address: 3500 Oleander Dr. Wilmington, NC

Why You Need To Go: This leading tattoo parlor located in Wilmington uses vegan ink to create their pieces of art. Smaller tattoos are $13 plus tip, and larger ones are $31.

Plaza Midwood Tattoo 

Price: $13-$31

Address: 2825 Central Ave., Suite D-1, Charlotte, NC

Why You Need To Go: A few artists will have sheets of specific tattoos you can choose from and they will come first come, first serve.

Inkability Tattoo 

Price: $13 + $7 tip - 26 slots available - 2 artists

Address: 3316 Capital Blvd., Raleigh, NC

Why You Need To Go: There are only 26 slots available for walk-ins and you do not want to miss this great sale. The two artists are busy working on unique, one of a kind designs.

Seven Swords 

Price: $13 + $7

Address: 745 Haywood Rd., Asheville, NC

Why You Need To Go: This world-renowned tattoo shop will be having sheets of flash tattoos that you can choose from to put either on your arm or leg.

Tattooing U 

Price: $13

Address: 9609 N. Tryon St. G, Charlotte, NC

Why You Need To Go: Each of these tattoos will be the size of a quarter, which is perfect for this special occasion and the designs will not disappoint.