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When people think about Canadians, they often picture the same old, tired caricature. One where, after we rise from our cold, dark igloos and feed our pet polar bear, we put on our toques and flannel shirts and commute by dogsled to our job at the maple-harvesting plant where we spend our days apologizing in French to anything that moves.

Sound familiar? Of course, it does. There are many stereotypes that plague our nation's polite citizens. But we're not just beer-swilling hockey fans who guzzle maple syrup for breakfast — and we want everyone to know it. 

According to a study conducted by Old Spice and hosted on an Angus Reid Forum, most Canadians don't like the stereotypes associated with the Great White North. In fact, 64% of us demand a new public image.

So, what does Canada want to be known for? Our politeness, our great skincare routines, and our bravery, mostly.

It's Too Late Now To Say Sorry

The survey found that 72% of us like to be seen as polite, but we don't want our soft demeanor to fool you. Three-quarters of respondents also said that Canadians are among the toughest people in the world. There's a reason Canadian hockey players spend more time in the penalty box than any other country.

No Plaid, Please

Oh, and that toque and plaid stereotype? We'll do without that one, too, thanks! Forty percent of respondents added that Canadian clothing stereotypes are cringe-worthy and outdated. Contrary to popular belief, the average Canadian man isn't a primitive, beard-wearing, wood-chopping beast.

We Don't Lumberjack It When It Comes To Skin

In fact, nearly 4 in 10 men (37%) say they would never skip out on their personal-care routine in the morning. They aren't lumberjacks. They use products like Old Spice Volcano with Charcoal Deodorant. If anything, Canadian men are a pack of Ryan Reynolds, a group of Ryan Goslings, or a herd of young Eugene Levys. Our men value soft, smooth skin and they want you to know it — thank you very much.

The Cold Can Chill, Thanks

As for cold weather (because we can't talk about Canadian stereotypes without mentioning our -40°C winters), the survey found that most of us do not care for harsh winter weather. Sixty-one percent of respondents said they'd prefer to be at the beach instead. Do you blame us?

We prefer to remember our wintry heritage by wearing fresh scents like Old Spice Fresher Tundra Deodorant with Mint while we’re letting our bods soak in the sun — with SPF, of course.

We Don't Actually Have Pet Beavers

As for pet beavers, nearly half of respondents said that they have never even seen one — except on the nickel, of course. And while we're on the topic, we wonder if any of you have seriously seen a polar bear or a moose either?

So let's ditch the old stereotypes, eh? From now on, Canada is a nation filled with polite, brave, multicultural people! Not toque-wearing, polar bear-riding hockey players whose vocabulary doesn't stretch past "sorry."

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