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7 Steals From Aritzia That Are Less Than $100 But Look Luxe

There's a pair of jeans for 75% off!
7 Aritzia Sale Section Items That Come In Under $100

When it comes to Canadian fashion brands, Aritzia definitely isn't the most budget-friendly store, however, that doesn't mean you can't score a great deal once and a while. The key to success is to look at the Aritzia sale section. There you'll find a number of items listed for less than $100. 

Aritzia was found back in 1984 in Vancouver. Since then they have grown as a big brand in woman's fashion. However, they also just released their first-ever piece for men, a puffy winter jacket.

According to its website, "Aritzia is an innovative design house and fashion boutique. We're about individual style. We're obsessed with quality."

On its website, Aritzia also says "We sweat the small stuff," in terms of their fabric construction. "It's why we search out the best mills and factories around the world. It's why we consider (and reconsider) every last seam, pleat and button" they say." 

Of course, with higher quality comes a higher price tag. On top of that, when a member of the royal family, i.e. Meghan Markle, is wearing your clothes chances are they aren't cheap. 

However, that doesn't mean you can't get a discount at Aritzia once and a while! Here are seven items from Aritzia's sale section that could be yours for under $100. 

Wilfred Dareau Camisole

Original Price: $68

Sale Price: $33.99

Why You Need It: At 50% off the original price this is not your average camisole. The cropped design includes a super cute ruffle that's begging to be paired with high-waisted everything. While it's not the most practical item for winter, it's the perfect top to take on your next beach getaway.

Wilfred Elia Dress

Original Price: $138

Sale Price: $68.99

Why You Need It: The best time to buy summer clothes for just a fraction of the cost is right as everyone is getting ready for winter. This ruffled, cotton dress fits the end of season criteria perfectly.

Wilfred Irene Jumpsuit

Original Price: $138

Sale Price: $99

Why You Need It: This jumpsuit comes in just at the top of our $100 budget but at almost $40 off it's still a pretty good deal. The description on the website says it all: "fancy like a dress, easy like pants." What's not to love?

Sunday Best Los Feliz Pants

Original Price: $60

Sale Price: $40 (for Chalet & Lucite only)

Why You Need It: Unlike some of the more summery items on this list, pants are something you can actually get some more wear out of before the snow flies. Plus they have a drawstring for maximum comfort while still looking classy. Oh and pockets!

Wilfred Free Mairi Dress

Original Price: $68

Sale Price: $50

Why You Need It: Just less than $20 off the original price isn't the biggest deal of the century but it puts the dress at just half of our $100 budget! It's a mix of comfy, sexy, and casual and is screaming to be packed for your upcoming beach vacay!

Citizens Of Humanity Emannuelle Modern Love Jeans

Original Price: $298

Sale Price: $74.99

Why You Need It: At 75% off the original price this is a major steal from Aritzia. To make it even better now is actually the perfect time to add a pair of boot-cut jeans to your wardrobe since fall is the ideal time of year for ankle booties!

Wilfred Janine Top

Original Price: $98

Sale Price: $34.99 - $70

Why You Need It: Depending on what colour you're after, you could get over 50% off this top. From the bold sleeve to the peplum design, this shirt is definitely not your average blouse. At just $35, the pink one is definitely the best deal available.

Since these deals are all found in Aritzia's sale section I wouldn't expect them to be available for long, so if you see something you like, don't wait too long or else it could be gone.

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