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7 Memes About Canadian Black Friday That Are Hilariously Accurate

Relatable whether you're Black Friday shoppers or staff!

Black Friday is one of the biggest annual shopping events in the world, and it originated over in the U.S.A. While the Canadian version is usually more low-key than our U.S. neighbour’s sales, it remains one of the most hectic days of the year for bargain-hunters and retail staff. If you’ve ever experienced the event in the Great White North, these painfully accurate Canadian Black Friday memes will make you laugh and cry, probably at the same time.

As the biggest shopping event of the year in North America, it’s not surprising that it can make everyone, including Canadians, go a little crazy.

While we have been known to go a little over the top when there’s a good sale on, it’s incomparable to our friends over in the States, who make “dying for a discount” a horribly accurate phrase.

In fact, so many people have been killed in the States while shopping on Black Friday, there’s an actual website dedicated to keeping track.

However, things are done a little differently north of the border, and no discount can make us drop that polite and easy-going attitude that we’re so well-known for.

After a deep-dive into social media, here are some of the most hilariously accurate Canadian Black Friday tweets, memes, and pictures on the internet right now.

Sorry That You Walked Into Me

When you're polite AF the whole year round, nothing changes on this one day of the year.

If you're planning a trip in-store this year, be prepared to apologize at least 500 times, especially if somebody else walks/bumps/falls into you.

*Claps For Literally No Reason*

Between the awkward joining-in-clapping and the embarrassed and confused smiles, this is probably the most Canadian Black Friday video you’ll ever watch.

Battle For "Most Polite"

You: *holds open door for one person*

You: *holds open door for another person*

You: *holds open door for the rest of eternity*

Our Biggest Sale Ever!* *since last year

Why pay full price when you can pay 5% less and hold a door open for several hours?!

If You Return This Tomorrow I'll Kill You

For anyone who has worked in retail on Black Friday, you'll know the above facial expression painfully well.

Whether it's the mile-long queues or the over-polite customers, it really is the worst.

Broke Friday

Ottawa's famous cat, Smudge, has made an appearance in this one!

Who needs electricity when you can get 3% off Sephora, am I right?!

Black (Eyed) Friday

Did you even do Black Friday if you didn't come away with at least one black eye and a broken arm?

Which you apologized for receiving, of course.

If you're heading out to make the most of this year's sales, be careful and try to be polite.

Most importantly, good luck!

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