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7 Canadian Properties That Are Royal Enough For Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

These homes are fit for royalty!
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7 Canadian Homes Royal Enough For Prince Harry & Meghan Markle To Move In

It’s happening. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have set their sights on Canada, and the country is about to get a lot more royal! Whether they decide to settle down in B.C., or join the Prime Minister in Ottawa, their brand-new Canadian home is likely to be a bougie one. With that in mind, here’s a look at 7 Canadian properties that might just be royal enough for the prince and his wife.

Despite taking steps towards a more normal life, and aspiring to become “financially independent,” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are unlikely to be looking for an ordinary property when they make the move to Canada later this year.

While many Canadians are already wondering which part of Canada the dynamic duo will move to, others are asking themselves what kind of home is appropriate for a couple with such a prestigious background?

The British property that Harry and Meghan currently reside in is known as “Frogmore Cottage,” and has recently undergone approximately $4 million in renovations. 

The home interior, which was furnished by the royal couple themselves, includes a modern nursery for baby Archie, top-of-the-line cameras, security windows, and eco-friendly vegan paint.

While the young family are expected to keep their Frogmore Cottage property for visits to the U.K., they're going to be house-hunting in Canada pretty soon, and there's some super-extravagant properties on the market if they're looking for an upgrade.

Taken from across the country, here's 7 Canadian properties that are literally fit for royalty ... 

Luxury Apartment, Vancouver

[image 5e1e04a14c655904c6ab1732]

[image 5e1e04ac783c7504ccd15a50]

[image 5e1e04e2783c7504ccd15a5a]

Price: $9,800,000

Listed by: Engel & Völkers Vancouver

This bougie Vancouver apartment could be everything that this young, millennial family are looking for. Unlike Buckingham Palace, this place is sleek, modern and has 360-degree penthouse views.

It may not be the most private property for sale in Canada, but it's certainly one of the most sexy.

Site: Engel & Völkers

Waterfront Mansion, British Columbia

[image 5e1e076416859704bfe41cfc]

[image 5e1e076d16859704bfe41cff]

[image 5e1e0776783c7504ccd15abd]

Price: $11,500,000

Listed by: Engel & Völkers Vancouver

If Harry and Meghan are looking for something seriously extravagant when they make their way to Canada, this could be the property for them.

This multi-million dollar mansion in British Columbia has 170 feet of private shoreline, and is described by realtors as an “exceptionally designed custom family dream residence.”

With high ceilings, timber beams and arches, hickory plank floors, geothermal cooling/heating and a gourmet chef's kitchen, it’s definitely a property fit for a king!

Site: Engel & Völkers

Castle On The Hill, Calgary

[image 5e1e09534c655904c6ab1805]

[image 5e1e095c783c7504ccd15b16]

[image 5e1e09693ad0be04d3ad393a]

Price: $9,998,000

Listed by: Engel & Völkers Calgary

If there’s a castle up for sale in Canada, it seems only fitting that genuine royalty should consider it.

This property is described as a “majestic Contemporary Country Castle” that “sits atop 10 Acres of prestigious land.”

While this massive home does have a pretty hefty price tag, it doesn’t get much more regal than this!

Site: Engel & Völkers

Chateau Fleur de Lys - Quebec

[image 5e1e0b71783c7504ccd15b52]

[image 5e1e0b573ad0be04d3ad3996]

[image 5e1e0b7a783c7504ccd15b56]

Price: $21,999,066

Listed by: Engel & Völkers Tremblant

Another castle that is more-than-fit for British royalty! The Chateau Fleur de Lys is located on the flank of the world renowned Mont-Tremblant, and would be an ideal home-away-from-home for the nature-loving couple.

As long as they’ve got several millions to spend on this 16,000 square foot mansion, they’ll have 17 huge fireplaces to keep them warm during the Canadian winter!

Site: Engel & Völkers

Nature Lovers' Paradise, Ottawa

[image 5e1e123a3ad0be04d3ad3a61]

[image 5e1e120f783c7504ccd15c31]

[image 5e1e12503ad0be04d3ad3a66]

Price: $1,650,000

Listed by: Engel & Völkers Ottawa Central

If the Duke & Duchess intend to bring up their son embracing the outdoors, but also want to live in the capital city, this Ottawa property has everything they could possibly want from a nature-inspired home.

It’s as leafy and green as they come, and the immense number of trees will keep the property somewhat private, despite all of the huge windows!

Site: Engel & Völkers

Ship-Lovers Escape, Nova Scotia

[image 5e1e138e3ad0be04d3ad3a86]

[image 5e1e13b13ad0be04d3ad3a8b]

[image 5e1e13c14c655904c6ab1969]

Price: $3,950,000

Listed by: Engel & Völkers Halifax

This huge, one-of-a-kind home not only has ocean views and top-of-the-line amenities, but it also has unique, nautical-inspired architecture that is royally fabulous.

With a dock system that can accommodate up to four boats, as well as an additional mooring ball, this waterside property could be a totally new venture for the young family.

Better still, the house is super-close to Halifax Stanfield International Airport, making it really easy for the royal duo to jet to-and-from the U.K!

Site: Engel & Völkers

Lake Tremblant Private Home, Quebec

[image 5e1e0d3d783c7504ccd15b9c]

[image 5e1e0ecd3ad0be04d3ad3a0c]

[image 5e1e0ed716859704bfe41dfa]

Price: $7,995,000

Listed by: Engel & Völkers Tremblant

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make a move towards a more private life, this quiet lakeside mansion could be perfect for them.

With the natural beauty surrounding the property, and no other homes, buildings or neighbours to be seen, this is the ideal location for a family wanting to escape the limelight.

As the royal couple loves hiking and the outdoors too, this could be their new dream home!

Site: Engel & Völkers

Whether Harry and Meghan intend to start their new life in Ottawa, Vancouver or even Quebec, we're sure their new family home will be fit for royalty, regardless!

    Helena Hanson
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    Helena Hanson is a Senior Editor for Narcity Canada's Trending Desk focused on major news. She previously lived in Ottawa, but is now based in the U.K.
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