Are you looking at houses for sale in Canada? Unless you've got a lot of money put away, you might just have to rent for now (and that's a whole other story when it comes to cost).

Of course, if you want to fantasize about buying one of the most expensive houses in Canada, then it might be good to see what's actually out there and topping the charts in terms of multimillion-dollar homes.

We've compiled seven of the most expensive houses in Canada right now. Try not to cry about the prices — just focus on the pretty pictures!

1150 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville, Ontario

[image 5d558f553da27d461ea7304c]

[image 5d558f5aece9fc46404a16e0]

Price: $59,000,000

Listed By: Paul Maranger, Christian Vermast, Fran Bennett

Imagine living in a home with a bowling alley, home cinema, and a wet bar. Why would you ever leave? Not to mention the two, count 'em, two wine cellars. This home, known as Chelster Hall, was completed in 2006, and yet it looks like something out of the opulent 1920s. It also has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and the listing mentions that, yes, you can land a helicopter safely on the property. It boasts 43,850 square feet of space and sits on a 10-acre lot.

Site: Sotheby's

4743 Belmont Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia

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Price: $58,000,000

Listed By: Christa Frosch

Wouldn't you feel so fancy living in a house that you get to call an 'estate'? Belmont Estate, as this property is known, boasts plenty of amenities: a library, a steam room, three fireplaces... But it's the classic look mixed with more modern touches that make this 21,977 square foot luxury home so attractive.

Site: Sotheby's

Ville Marie, Montreal, Quebec

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Price: $40,000,000

Listed By: Joseph Montanaro

This home has plenty of history and would pique the interest of any architecture fans. According to its listing, this home may have been designed by famous architect Charles Platt, who designed houses for folks like the Rockefellers and the Astors. Queen Elizabeth II herself has been a guest at one of this home's many soirees. If one aspect of this house can accurately describe how bougie it is, it's that it has a butler's pantry.

Site: Sotheby's

6391 Walkers Line, Burlington, Ontario

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Price: $22,000,000

Listed By: Peter Mickus, Lee Mickus

Who said that living on a farm had to be rustic? Clearly, that's not the case with this incredible 14,950 square foot home located on 206 acres. This amazing mansion has plenty of amenities, including tons of horse storage, but it also boasts geothermal heating and a state of the art automation system.

Site: Sotheby's

489 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville, Ontario

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[image 5d558cd93da27d461ea72fab]

Price: $21,999,000

Listed By: Kingsley Qin

If we asked you to close your eyes and picture a mansion, there's almost no doubt that this beautiful Oakville home would pretty much look exactly like the image you have in your head. This 16,000 square foot home is gorgeous and boasts all of the amenities someone would want in their dream home: a theatre, a library, and even a guest house.

Site: Sotheby's

124 Park Road, Toronto, Ontario

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[image 5d558c293da27d461ea72f8c]

Price: $19,800,000

Listed By: Richard Silver, Jim Burtnick, Celia Alves, Erin Haas, Phil Taylor, Geoff Joyner, Oliver Craven, Jay Banks

This house may not look like all of the other mansions on this list, presenting a more modest facade. But inside, you would find just the same amount of luxury living. In classic Canadian fashion, it even includes an indoor ball hockey court. Plus, there's plenty of room in the backyard to build your own soccer pitch.

Site: Sotheby's

75 The Bridle Path, Toronto, Ontario

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[image 5d558b6132f76644fcbf5f81]

Price: $19,500,000

Listed By: Paul Maranger, Christian Vermast, Fran Bennett

This is by far the most modern-looking home on the list. Rather than sticking with the classical architecture that defines other luxury homes, this contemporary mansion goes for something more future-retro on the exterior. Inside, the modern theme continues, with plenty of glass and marble. Amenities include a heated floor, a tennis court, and a steam room.

Site: Sotheby's

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