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7 Canadian TV Shows We Want Back ASAP

It's time for a 'Degrassi' comeback.
7 Canadian TV Shows We Want Back ASAP

When you think of the most famous shows on TV, most of us think of all  the American sitcoms we find constantly flooding our TVs. But, some seriously iconic shows that have come out of Canada over the past few years. Not all of them are still on the air, but those that are (HeartlandKim's ConvenienceMurdoch Mysteries, etc.) all have a crazy fanbase. Of course, we still want some older shows brought back though! Here are 7 Canadian TV shows we want back ASAP.

Let's be real - none of us would complain if Degrassi: The Next Generation made a comeback, or if we got to laugh along with another season of Corner Gas! Which Canadian shows would you like to see make a comeback?

Orphan Black

Type: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

Orphan Black originally aired from 2013-2017. It was about a troublesome young hustler name Sarah who found herself pulled into a mysterious and compelling conspiracy after witnessing the suicide of a girl who looked identical to her. Spoiler Alert: After emptying out the deceased's bank account, Sarah finds out that she and the late woman are actually clones, turning her whole life upside down.

Rookie Blue

Type: Crime, Drama

If crime dramas are your thing, you would've loved Rookie Blue. The show aired from 2010-2015, and was about a group of young police officers, fresh out of the academy. They've become officers in Toronto's 15th Division, which is a seriously big deal, and they quickly realize that success doesn't come easy.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Type: Drama, Romance

Even if you only watch Degrassi for a glimpse of young Aubrey Drake Graham, we get it. This spin-off isn't even the original (that was Degrassi Junior High), but the plot is just as juicy and the acting is just as cheesy. People love the series so much because it tackles relevant, real-life issues that audiences can relate too.

The Rick Mercer Report

Type: Comedy

The Rick Mercer Report came to television in 2004 and made Canadians laugh endlessly until it ended in 2018. The show's host, Rick Mercer, would travel around our beautiful country, always trying new things and interviewing unique people. He was also known for his satirical political commentary that never failed to get people talking.

Corner Gas

Type: Comedy

If there ever was a show that summed up the hum-drum life a person can expect to live in the Canadian prairies, it would be Corner Gas. The show stars Canadian comedian Brent Butt, who heads back to a small town in Saskatchewan so he can portray the life he would've lived had he gotten a job pumping gas.

The Bachelor Canada

Type: Reality TV

Of course, you can always watch the American version of The Bachelor, which is still going strong, but plenty of us Canadians want to see our hometown socialites find love too! The Canadian version only had a total of 3 seasons, spread out from 2012-2017. None of the matches made on the show are still together, but hey, they tried!

Saving Hope

Type: Drama, Fantasy

Think of Saving Hope as Canada's take on Grey's Anatomy, with a supernatural twist. The series tells the stories of doctors and nurses at the Hope Zion Hospital, and you better believe there was plenty of drama. Although it ended in 2017, people are still raving about the show's own McDreamy!

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