7 Of The Coolest Arizona Airbnb Rentals Under $100

These super affordable rentals won't break the bank.
7 Cheap Arizona Vacation Rentals Under $100 That Are Super Unique

It might be getting cold around the rest of the country, but not here in the desert. Warm weather and clear skies are still on the forecast and that means your next adventure awaits. You can start planning your trip early with these 7 cheap Arizona vacation rentals that are super unique and under $100.

Whether you're looking for adventures that give you great views or trips around the west, you will love these unique rentals that are super affordable. 


Price: $45 per night

Location: Prescott, Arizona,

Why you should go: This super cheap rental will make you feel like a child again. It's also super close to downtown Prescott for your shopping needs.


Airstream Dreaming

Price: $70 per night

Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

Why you should go: You can stay in a beautiful and quiet location in the country. It never hurts to take a break from city life.


Converted Cargo Container

Price: $68 per night

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Why you should go: This reclaimed shipping container is close to lots of restaurants and little shops. The interior is just as unique as the outside.


Rest in a School Bus

Price: $59 per night

Location: Williams, Arizona

Why you should go: It can get chilly in the desert, so be prepared to bring warm clothes. This charming school bus is in a prime location for stargazing.


Painted Lady Vineyard

Price: $95 per night

Location: Skull Valley, Arizona

Why you should go: This super affordable cottage is nestled in the heart of an Arizona vineyard. Downtown Prescott is only 20 minutes away.


Yurt on the Mountain

Price: $85 per night

Location: Bisbee, Arizona

Why you should go: You can have amazing views perched atop this little mountain. The sky is lit up at night with twinkling stars. It's perfect for stargazing.


Tarzan's Hideaway

Price: $49 per night

Location: Cane Beds, Arizona

Why you should go: This quirky tiny home is super cozy. You can relax and make smores outside or cozy up with a book in the garden.


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