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7-Eleven Stores Will Be Giving Out Free Pizza Samples This Friday Throughout Canada

They're even made with natural sourdough from Italy.

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You've had their chicken, you've had their Slurpees, and now you can have their pizza too! That's right: 7-Eleven stores across Canada have introduced their new pizzas.

Featuring hand-panned crust and created with quality Canadian ingredients, the new 7-Eleven pizza is going to be your next late-night weekend snack (especially with late evening delivery options!). 

The crust of these pizzas is made with 100% Canadian wheat while using authentic natural sourdough from Puglia, Italy, to make it light and crispy. Doesn't that sound like the kind of pizza you'd enjoy? If so, it's lucky for you that they'll be available in stores and hot-from-the-oven in just minutes 24/7! It's every student's late-night munchies dream. 

The pizzas are topped with traditionally slow-dry cured pepperoni from Montreal with three types of 100% Canadian milk cheeses, including provolone and parmesan from Ontario and mozzarella from B.C. So not only will these be delicious, but 7-Eleven is supporting true Canadian products. I'm okay with supporting Canadians by eating a pizza, anyone else?

If you aren't fully sold on these pizzas yet, don't worry because you can get a pizza sample for free this Friday, Dec. 27 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. You won't want to miss out — I mean, who doesn't love free pizza? 

Besides all the deliciousness these pizzas have to offer, they're also friendly on the pocket at only $11 for a large pizza. If that's not enough to sweeten the deal, for a limited time, you can get two large pizzas and eight wings for only $20!

Honestly, these pizzas are perfect for a late-night crunch, a last-minute food option to bring to a party, or just because you feel like having some good pizza! 7-Eleven Canada has you covered with late-night deliveries in over 350 stores.

It's also super convenient for you to be able to buy your daily essentials including milk, bread, juice, and even a Slurpee all in one location… or you can get them delivered! No longer will you have to make that second stop to the grocery store; 7-Eleven has everything you need AND more.

Skip the pots and pans this weekend, and order a quality Canadian pizza instead. Besides, you don't even have to leave the house if you order delivery. No matter the situation, 7-Eleven has you covered with the proper pizza fix. 

To see if your local store delivers, visit the 7-Eleven website.

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7-Eleven's new pizzas are available in stores across Canada

Price: $11 per pizza!

When: Delivery is currently available at over 350 stores; free samples are available in-stores this Friday, Dec. 27 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Where: At 7-Eleven stores across Canada.

Why you should try it: Because they are Canadian-made and absolutely delicious!

To learn more about 7-Eleven's new pizzas, check out their website. See more on their Facebook or Instagram pages!