7 Fast Food Apps That Will Get You Free Food In Canada

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7 Fast Food Apps That Will Get You Free Food In Canada

When given the choice between food and free food, the correct answer is always free food.

Whether you're a student, a top-earning working professional or an average Joe, free food is always something we all get excited over.

So if you're tired of waiting around for the best deals to come to you, use these seven apps to bag yourself some free food any day of the week. From wings to donuts to coffee, these free food deals all taste delicious.

Krispy Kreme

Who doesn't love a free donut? Signing up to Krispy Kreme's rewards program will not only get you a free original glazed one, but will also let you rack up points to more free donuts, give you exclusive offers and benefits and gift you a free treat on your birthday.

If you're impatiently craving a donut now, downloading the app will get you a free one asap - no waiting necessary, but the coupon does expire within one month of validating it.


Quiznos gives you a free 4-inch sub with any purchase when you download the app. They also give out free food when you earn 'Toasty Points' - one for every dollar you spend and 10 extra on your birthday. Earn 70 points and get a free 8 inch sub or salad.


Mcdonald's may not give out the best free food coupons, but they do give out great deals. Keep an eye out for buy-one-get-one-free Happy Meals and Free Fries Friday. If you're a McDonald's coffee junkie, the fast food giant also has a 'buy 5 get your 6th free' deal on McCafe drinks.  Keep in mind that these coupons vary by location and change every week.

Tim Horton's

Canada's #1 coffee giant currently has a stellar deal for anyone who lives for Tim Horton's everything. Through Timmy's app, customers can get their third mobile order free. Meaning, if you tend to drink a morning, afternoon and evening coffee, your evening coffee will be free - every day. That is, up until December 31st.

Baskin Robbins

It's never too cold for a free ice cream. Baskin Robbins gives you a free cone for downloading the app, plus 'buy one get one for 99 cents' coupons. Ice cream lovers can also get a free ice cream on their birthday, plus other, less exciting coupons like '$3 off any cake' and '$2.99 small cappuccino blasts'.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings gives you 10 free rewards points just for checking in at any store location (like from the parking lot). Checking in with a friend adds another 10 points. You can redeem your points for goodies like cheddar cheese curds, burger entrees and medium wings, but with the cheapest item being 250 points, you may find yourself checking in at Buffalo Wild Wing's parking lot a lot more often than you'd like.

Panera Bread

Panera gives you a free pastry just for downloading the app and setting up an account, and then again on your birthday. You'll also earn points towards free food and drinks every time you spend. There have also been reports of people receiving a month of free bagels and coffee.

Jennifer Browne
Contributing Staff Writer
Jennifer Browne is a Contributing Staff Writer for the Studio department focused on sponsored content and is based in Toronto, Canada.
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