The Youtube lifestyle is definitely one of the most sought after careers right now. For good reason though! Beauty youtubers, better known as "beauty gurus" in the community receive crazy amounts of free product from makeup companies. On top of that they rake in some serious money from sponsored content, but it's not as hard of a lifestyle to obtain as it seems!

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1. Magiclinks/ShopStyle/RStyle links

If you haven't heard of any of those terms before, don't worry, they've only recently been 'exposed' to the general public! Essentially Magiclinks, ShopStyle and RStyle are companies where you can get custom links for the products you would put in your description box. These links earn you a commission per click or per purchase from the link depending on the company!

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2. 'Unboxings' on your Instagram story

Unboxings are a great way to attract a brands attention for a future collab or sponsorship! It's also super simple to do, whenever you get an item from a brand or buy something, make sure to show it on your Instagram and tag the brand! It's the same as doing a makeup look at tagging the company, but a lot less work, so if you're having trouble keeping up with doing daily content, integrate this into your social media routine as well to attract more brands to your page!

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3. AdSense

Adsense is the term used for the money that creators make from placing ads on their youtube videos. While it can be enticing to place ads on your youtube videos right away, a big tip is to wait until you have a decent following. Focus first on getting people to watch your content, which will be more likely to happen if they don't have to sit through an ad before they get to watch it!

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4. Insta Posts

Instagram posts are another great way to get a brands attention to be sent free product or do future paid content for the brand. With posts though, quality is better than quantity- make sure that the photo is high quality and really shows off your talent and originality! Warm smokey eyes can easily be looked over while if you do something crazy and original it is more likely to grab someone's attention!

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5. Sponsor Dedicated Videos 

Sponsored videos are a huge part of a beauty vlogger's revenue. Be it through unboxing videos, tutorials or first impression/review videos, there is often a lot of money involved! Choosing which kind of sponsored video you want to do is important because doing too many videos solely based on the product you are being paid to talk about can make you seem disingenuous- so mix it up!

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6. Discount codes

Discount codes are one of the aspects of influencer revenue that you don't have to wait for a company to come to you to be able to take advantage of! A surprising amount of companies are open to giving influencers with smaller followings discount codes for the extra exposure, all you have to do is send an email and inquire!

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7. Snapchat Stories 

Making snapchat stories or mini snapchat tutorials is another area where you can gain money from brands. This is through pre agreed product placement, so say you receive a product or a package from a brand, you can coordinate an agreement where you featuring it on your snapchat results in further products being sent to you or the opportunity to possibly collab in the future!