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7 Ghostly Encounters At The Stanley Hotel In Colorado

We all know the spooky hotel from The Shining and its fictional "haunting" past, but the real deal might be even more terrifying than the story. These 7 ghostly encounters at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado will have you re-thinking checking into scary film sites. Then again, if you are hoping to catch a glimpse of the "other side," this might be the place to do it.

Though the movie wasn’t filmed at the Stanley Hotel, it is where the inspiration for the story came from after Stephen King stayed there.

The Girl On The Stairs

Spook Factor: 9/10

Description: The Mausling family snapped a picture on the stairs of a ghostly little girl walking down the staircase while visiting the hotel. They reported there weren't any (living) little girls on their tour.

The Woman And Child

Spook Factor: 8/10

Description: Henry Yau captured a picture of an old-fashioned woman and child. CNN shared the photo, and we can all agree it is creepy.

Bumps (And Creepy Laughter) In The Night:

Spook Factor: 8/10

Description: Kirin Johnson posted on that during his stay in room 217 he was awoken by a loud "bang" like something very heavy falling. Later, he heard a woman's low laughter right next to his side of the bed. Nope.

Mirror Mirror... 

Spook Factor: 10/10

Description: Beth Hamilton and her husband took the haunted tour, during which she felt like she was shoved. She snapped a picture of what looks like the previous owner's wife, Flora, standing right behind her, while the smell of phantom roses appeared. (Note how the lady appears straight while the mirrors look spiraled).

Phantom Piano Playing

Spook Factor: 6/10

Description: A staff member told USA Today via Facebook that she used to hear the sounds of the piano playing, when not a (living) soul was in the general area.

Little Children's Laughter On The 4th Floor

Spook Factor: 8/10

Description: People brave enough to stay on the fourth floor usually report hearing the phantom laughter of children outside their door at night.

Whispers From The Dark

Spook Factor: 7/10

Description: In a USA Today post, Cathryn Sanders said her daughter has no memory of telling her mother the group wasn't wanted there by an ominous "they."

On that note, we will leave the ghost hunting to the professionals and enjoy watching from the safety of our couch.

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