If you’re heading back into the classroom this September, or your little munchkins are, mornings have suddenly gotten a lot more hectic. They a whirlwind of snoozing the alarm, packing a bag and waiting for your loved ones or roommates to quit hogging the bathroom.

After a summer of sunshine and homework-free nights, there are probably a few of us who aren’t exactly ready to ‘rise and grind’ this fall. Eating breakfast on the way out the door isn’t always a priority if you’re already five minutes late to lecture!

For weeks when you don’t have your meal prep on lock, grabbing something healthy on the way can be a lifesaver. Inspired by 7-Eleven’s ‘better for you’ options, here’s a list of ideas for fuelling yourself and your family for the day ahead, no matter how early it starts. They’re open 24/7 y’all. Hello, breakfast for dinner!

Fruit Cups

Apples, melons, grapes galore! When you walk through the double glass doors of your nearest 7-Eleven, keep walking to the refrigerator at the back to find the goods. Pick up a cup of pre-cut fresh fruit to snack on in the car, on the bus, walking down the sidewalk — however you get to where you’re going.

Hard Boiled Eggs

For the “it’s not breakfast without an egg” people. Who would have thought that you can grab a hard boiled egg at 7-Eleven on the way to school? An egg can still be the foundation of your breakfast, even when you’re grabbing things off the shelf. Complement it with some cheese and a piece of fruit.


Pack protein into your brekkie with a bag of nuts, mixed or straight-up. Choose from a large selection of roasted almonds, salted peanuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, whatever floats your boat.


For a light and fluffy start to the day. 7-Eleven bakes their croissants on-site daily in select stores. They’re made from real butter. No additives, just the straight goods. Research shows that the morning is the best time of the day to consume fats, since they’ll sustain you through the day as you burn them off. There you go, a scientific reason for enjoying a fresh croissant at the beginning of the day. You’re welcome.


Some of us aren’t really breakfast people, even if we know it’s good for us. If a whole meal seems like a bit much in the morning, you can still get some of the good stuff into your system. Grab a whole banana on your morning commute. The peel acts as its own natural wrapper, so you can put it in your bag and break it open when the mood strikes.


Think outside of the breakfast box. Why not go for a simple healthy wrap? Fuel up for the day with a Rotisserie Chicken Chipotle wrap. It’s made with strips of roasted chicken, fire roasted red peppers, romaine lettuce, cheddar and chipotle mayo, all wrapped in a tomato tortilla. With a wrap in one hand and a bottle of organic juice in the other, you’ll be on your way in no time.

Breakfast Sandwiches

The ultimate handheld to-go breakfast. You can pick up a ready-made sandwich any hour of the day. Try an egg and cheddar sandwich on an English muffin, or a bagel with egg, maple sausage and cheddar.

Treat yourself to some delivery service and let the food come to you. When there’s no time to make a stop, visit 7-Eleven online to get it delivered.