7 Secret IKEA Canada Hacks That Will Save You So Much Money

These hacks will make your wallet happy!
7 IKEA Canada Hacks That Will Save You Money

There are countless reasons to go to IKEA. Whether you need new furniture, you want to find some design inspo, you have a free afternoon, or you just have a craving for meatballs, IKEA is the place to be . But if you're frequenting IKEA so much that it's your second home, your bank account is likely not as happy as you are. However, IKEA Canada can actually save you a lot of money with a few hacks you probably didn't know about.

That's right, you will be able to continue spending your evenings trying out every single mattress in the store because there is a way to actually score pretty good discounts at IKEA and walk away with a receipt that doesn't make you want to cry.

Here are 7 IKEA hacks that will save you money.

Become an IKEA Family member

It turns out you don't need a family of your own to be an IKEA Family member and take advantage of all their offers. Registration for the program is free and you can receive 10% off your purchases as well as exclusive deals and other perks.

Look for the yellow and red label

When you see a yellow and red label at IKEA, that means it's the cheapest item in its category that the store offers. If the label is only yellow, that means it's your last chance to get that item but it's still on sale so grab it before it's gone.

Plan your projects for free at their design section

If you're planning a major redesign, there's no need to hire a professional designer to redo your kitchen. You can use IKEA's planners to help you design your reno for free!

Take advantage of the 90-day price adjustment

There's nothing more frustrating than finding out you just bought a sofa at IKEA at full price and a few weeks later, this same sofa is on sale. Fortunately, if you're an IKEA Family member, you have up to 90 days to receive a price adjustment and get some money back.

Search Through the "As Is" section

Often perfectly good furniture is returned to IKEA for one reason or another and ends up in the "As-Is" section. This section includes returns and/or furniture with small defects that are sold for cheaper than the regular price. As an added bonus, the furniture is already assembled, it's a real win-win!

Shop on Mondays

With everyone's busy lives, most people tend to visit IKEA and return their furniture during the weekend. That means that you will have the best finds in the "As-Is" section if you go on Mondays, especially in the morning.

They have free tea and coffee

No need for a Tims run before you hit up IKEA. If you have an IKEA Family membership, you can take advantage of free tea and coffee while you visit.

With all these savings, you will still have more money left over after your furniture haul to treat yourself to a hot dog and fro-yo on the way out.

This article was originally published in french on Narcity Quebec.