Choosing a career is one of the most difficult decisions in a person's life, and probably the toughest decision you'll make as a young adult.

If you're like so many Canadian students, the brief time you spend in high school hasn't sparked a deep passion within you to pursue a single career path.

And again, like so many Canadians, you may think that pursuing a post-secondary degree or diploma is your best option to landing a good job that will lead to a fruitful and successful career.

But, if you're looking to post-secondary programs as the only option for your future, you could be missing out on a huge market of in-demand jobs, many of which don't require a degree or diploma at all.

That's right, there are countless well-paying jobs in Canada right now that require not much more than what you probably already have - a high school diploma and a lot of drive to make money.

Global News created an amazing comprehensive list that looks at some of the most in-demand jobs right now, as well as how much you can expect to make.

Classifying these jobs as "old-fashioned" because they've literally been around for decades, Global notes that many of these career paths come with many perks like career growth,  chances for entrepreneurship and less competition.

So here are the top 7 in-demand Canadian jobs right now that won't cost you $50,000 in tuition to get:

1. Carpenter

With an expected salary of about $25.06 an hour, this throwback to a simpler time is making a comeback in the Canadian market. According to Indeed reports, for every 1 million Canadian jobs, 3,285 job openings are for carpenters, making this skill a hot commodity. Required certifications are a high school diploma as well as a carpentry certification or apprenticeship.

2. Bartender

Some of you reading this may already call this your side job, but reports show that this job is constantly in demand in Canada. With an average wage of $12.53 (which is doubled or tripled when tips are accounted for), this job makes for a great source of income. Provinces particularly keen on hiring bartenders are Alberta, B.C., New Brunswick, Ontario, Nova Scotia, P.E.I. and Saskatchewan.

3. Tailor

In almost every province but Ontario, tailors are desirable jobs that pay a minimum of $15.32 per hour and require an apprenticeship or certification to begin working. There are a huge number of tailors working in the textile and clothing manufacturing, as well as leather and product manufacturing. But reports expect many of these older generation tailors to retire soon, meaning this job will be in huge demand. And high demand means higher and more competitive wages!

4. Butcher

So probably not a good idea for vegetarians, but butchers are and will always continue to be in demand. Grocery stores and independent delis or butcher shops often pay workers around $16.40 per hour or more, and this job path can serve as a great segue into a culinary career.

5. Cabinetmaker

Who doesn't need cabinets for their house? This job, which has the highest demand in Ontario, is a male-dominated field (almost 95%) but could 100% be a woman's job. And with an average salary of $20.45 per hour, cabinetmaker could be a pretty sweet gig.

6. Barber / Hairstylist

With an average salary of $15.04 per hour, which doesn't include tips from customers, barbers and hairstylists have the perks of not being your traditional desk job and making you some seriously good coin. Reports claim that most provinces will see many people retire from the profession by 2018, making this a great time to get certified and start working in the field.

7. Seamstress

Last but not least are seamstress jobs, which are in the most demand in B.C., Alberta, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Quebec and Manitoba. Similar to tailors, this career path has plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurship or textile work and will see many workers retiring from the profession in coming years.

Source: Global News